Man With No Criminal History Gets 5-Year Sentence for Selling Weed

About 900 companies were sold $30.6 billionThe US legalized marijuana industry was valued at over $900 million in 2013. The number of Marijuana Arrests is decreasing as a result.. For Daniel Muessig (40), who is serving five years for his role in selling marijuana, none of this provides any comfort. Muessig was a former attorney with no prior criminal records. He pleaded guilty in court last year. federal chargesconspiracy to distribute 100kgs or more marijuana, and possession with intent or purpose to distribute 100kgs or greater of marijuana.

U.S. District Judge Arthur J. Schwab sentenced Muessig Tuesday, March 8th. He noted “the seriousness and necessity of the offense” as well as the need “promote the respect for the law.”

Muessig was caught up in an extensive federal probe into drug trafficking. Agents found more than 400 pounds worth of marijuana in raids on a “stashhouse” in Squirrel Hill, May 24, 2019. Although Muessig admitted to selling marijuana, he claims he never took harder drugs. After fleeing the raid, he fled on foot. He lived there for over two years. He began to feel less afraid of prison and started to believe in the possibility of having a child. 

However, everything was changed after he was arrested in August. He pleaded guilty to his charges in November. His crimes were subject to federal law that requires him to serve a minimum of five-year sentences. Morgan Fox, the political director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws known as NORML supports legalization of weed. He says that the mandatory minimum removes all consideration of the past.

Although Muessig is an unusual case, it’s not the only one. Federal courts have sentenced 1118 marijuana traffickers in FY 2020 According to U.S. Sentencing Commission. Some 62 per cent were Hispanic while only 18 percent were African-American. Fox stated that federal prosecutors haven’t been prioritizing cannabis-related issues in general. They have the power to do this, however.

For example, last month Fayao Paul Rong (51), was Arrest and indictmentHe was charged with the trafficking of large amounts of illegally grown marijuana in Oregon. If convicted, he will be subject to a mandatory 10-year minimum sentence. This is due to the high amount of marijuana involved. While the vast majority of marijuana arrests were made by state officials (around 350,000 in 2020), most states give judges some discretion when it comes to sentencing.

Muessig would have been able to provide evidence against other members of the drug trafficking ring in order not to be subjected the 5-year minimum. He declined. He says, “I’m no snitch.” It’s against my moral code. If I’m able to help it, no one will go to prison for using marijuana.

Muessig grew up in Squirrel Hills, a close-knit Jewish neighborhood. His first job was as a musician, selling records and CDs in Europe. Then he was a criminal defense lawyer and enjoyed a short period of fame with his brash lyrics. You Tube videoThe video featured testimonials of men, which Muessig claimed to be his criminal buddies, who thanked him for helping them get off the hook. Muessig comments, “I have a degree in law but I think as a criminal,” SlateIt was called “the greatest (or worse) commercial for lawyers ever created.”

Muessig was aware that his video may prejudice the prosecution and judges who were against him so he abandoned law and chose to use what he had in mind: pot. Pennsylvania hasn’t legalized recreational marijuana use. Muessig said that cannabis was needed in this area. Yes, I did it to make money. “I did it also for the community. Before government and monied interest decided that it was appropriate, I made sure it was available to them.”

Although President Joe Biden stated last year that no one should be sent to prison for using a drug, he has done very little to end the drug war. Biden could work with Congress to end federal marijuana charges. He and Congress could also remove the drug Schedule I from the Controlled Substances Act. Schedule I is reserved for potentially dangerous substances that are not medically accepted. Biden might also ask the Justice Department for an end to marijuana-related prosecutions. Reformers have also urged Biden to forgive federal prisoner who are currently incarcerated in connection with drug offenses. Most Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana. Gallup.

Andrew DeAngelo is the board chair for an advocacy group called Project Last PrisonerMuessig supporter, said that “Nobody should get locked up for marijuana.” This is clearly not right. DeAngelo, his brother Steve and Steve each served time in prison for marijuana possession. Before they opened the biggest medical marijuana dispensary Harborside, California. Both have seen it all. Andrew says Biden cannot shake the “prohibitionist mindset”. “We just need to keep raising hell.”

Muessig for his part is content with his fate. Muessig said to the judge that he would accept his punishment “like a man”. He will be imprisoned for nothing more than creating a new market place in Pittsburgh.