Canada To The Rescue? Alberta Officials Say They Can Fill The Russian Oil Void As Gas Prices Skyrocket

As a result of Russia’s incursion into Ukraine on Tuesday, Joe Biden declared that the U.S. would prohibit imports from Russian oil, natural gas and coal.

Although many Americans are supportive of the decision on a moral ground, it is likely that gas prices will continue to rise in America.

However, we may find help closer than we realize. Officials in Alberta Canada, the nation’s large oil-producing province, says they are willing to take the place of Russian crude oil imports.

Alberta was home to the Keystone Pipeline, which Biden shut down in his first act of office.

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 Oil Next Door vs. Abroad

On Monday, Alberta’s Minister of Energy Sonya Savage responded to electric car producer Elon Musk, “Alberta is the answer to U.S. energy security. Real emissions reductions, reliable, right next door.”

Savage was responding to Musk’s call for the U.S. government to increase production here at home, even at the expense of his own electric car company, Tesla.

Biden government officials spent a considerable amount of time in recent months begging oil-producing states that aren’t friendly to America for aid. This weekend, they visited Venezuela to discuss the possibility of selling Venezuelan oil onto an international market.

Officials from the United States have also reached out to Saudi Arabia regarding an increase of production. This could be Biden’s next trip. Some talk has been made about Iran oil.

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Canada is the obvious choice

Canadian oil offers the advantage that it is not required to do business with other countries.

Jason Kenney from Alberta is also involved in marketing Canadian oil as an alternate to Russian oil. Savage and he would attend an energy conference in Houston during the week.

 “We will be meeting with decision-makers to secure access to markets, attract job-creating investment to our province, and argue for Canadian energy to displace Russian conflict oil.”

Kenney said that Joe Biden would be welcome to visit him and discuss Canadian oil.

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Putin: High gas prices before Putin

Americans will feel more pain when they fill up at the pump. A simple fact is often overlooked. Before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, gas prices had been on the rise. 

Donald Trump saw America export 13 million barrels an hour of oil per day in 2019, according to his calculations. Rapid increases in America’s gas prices have been the norm since Trump’s departure.