As Russia’s War Grinds On, Media Obsessed With “What Would Donald J. Trump Do?”

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The world has become more chaotic and unpredictable than ever before. Europe is again plagued by the specter war. With Moscow marching, it is difficult to ask the right questions in such dark times. The The crucial question is: What would Donald J. Trump act? What would he do if he was asked to deliver a bag full of Javelins for President Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine? Trump-branded cinder block bombs were dropped on Russian artillery by Trump’s 757. Uber may offer Big Macs and Filet O-Fishes to hungry Kharkiv fighters.

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I beg your pardon. My past experience writing ad copy was with Rush Limbaugh. I am no stranger to selling conservative novels to the clever. But with war raging in Eastern Europe, and all eyes on Putin’s cheget, only one name dominates the media airwaves: Donald J. Trump.

Although they are sparingly represented in Congress, Democrats hold the majority. Joe Biden is the president of America. Our media remain vigilant to the White House’s last inhabitant. They watch him spend his days watching Fox News and making gassy announcements.

Existential questions can be raised: Will the U.S. leave Ukraine, undisputed leader in west democratic liberalism? Which kind of military assistance is President Biden providing to the Ukrainian army? Are there any Russian businesses being sanctioned by the US? Are Germany looking for alternative energy sources in order to reduce dependence on Siberian oil, or is it pursuing other options? Right?

Do you see a new Cold War emerging? Are we seeing the start of WWIII? Putin is Putin like Thanos or Emperor Palpatine more? Is Joe Biden our Captain America? Boris Johnson, an Anglican Thor. I personally think he’s more like a Tony Stark, playboy, philanthropist…well not quite a billionaire given the Downing Street reno. I think you get my point.

As Russia attempts to reunite the Soviet band, these are some of the pertinent questions. Russia’s first step is with its rhythm guitarist. Every day New York TimesThe front page should contain many Nazi analogies. Wall Street Journal editors should be fired on the spot if they don’t cram “Putin’s personal Sudetenland” and “the Soviet Anschluss” into every single article. If MadStill in press, magazine popped out of the presses. The cover featured Alfred E. Neuman with Vlad, his toothbrush-muscled Vlad.

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This is war. America, as block captain of West Asia, is expected to swagger about its B83 weapons and pro-Ruskie propaganda on the airwaves. The Acela-corridor media network is meant to divert our attention away from racketing ordnances. The editorial pages of Acela-corridor media should contain calls for the 82nd Airborne to be deployed above the Kremlin. CNN should be hosting 24-hour roundtables full of plump men and gussied-up ladies urging Biden to “do something.”

Instead, we’re watching the what-would-Trump-do political-football bandied about. Or what did he do about Putin’s re-Sovietization ambitions while in office. Und what will he do, if he’s re-elected in 2024.

These are the four most popular popular articlesThe Washington PoYou can find it herets website were recently all Trump-focalized regarding Russia, including “Trump immediately botches what’s happening in Ukraine” and “Trump and his supporters praise Putin and dismiss Biden as crisis unfolds.”

The trending count is determined by the readers. But articles don’t write themselves. Reporters draft the stories. Editors give them. Predetermined criteria are used to create narratives.Inter alia, goosing social-media clicks.

The pollsters have been incorporating the ex-president into their queries canvassing. A recent Yahoo News/YouGov poll featured Trump voters weighing in on whether “Putin is doing a better job than Biden,” a ludicrous and irrelevant query formulation that not only doesn’t mean anything (Is Putin doing a better job of being a bloodthirsty revanchist than Joe Biden?) But it is deliberately designed to spark partisan animosity.

Then there was Trump’s “praisePutin uses Donbass nationalism for the purpose of conquering Ukraine. This comment was redundant, and it wasn’t even relevant, given the fact that no one believed the reasoning. Putin wasn’t waiting for superlatives to make a go at the City-Formerly-Known-As-Kiev.

However, the media did get what they wanted: A hook to their Trump-hungry audiences.

Following Trump’s forgetful CPAC keynote, CNN ran the headline: “Trump defends praise of Putin even as he calls Ukrainian President ‘brave’.” GOP senators are now being peppered with the question “Do you support Trump playing find the Russian marrow with Putin or do you support freedom and goodness?”

The Never Trump web-pub The Bulwark has all pistons charging on its Drumpf-the-real-enemy beat. Charlie Sykes and Charlie Sykes are its chief writers. Jonathan LastAmanda Carpenter and Jeremy Carpenter believe that the shelling really is taking place in Mar-a-Lago.

Even a colloquy hosted by Bari Weiss featuring foreign-policy eminences such as Walter Russell Mead and Niall Ferguson was hijacked by a rehashing of Russiagate and how Trump “ackchtually” The Bear laid the carpet in gold for Ukraine.

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Don’t be overlooked, the click-bait, shameless meme industry has joined the 45 pile on, with liberal viral account comparing “draft-dodging” DonaldZelensky was outfitted. You can also follow the Twitter usual suspects dredging up the “perfect phone call” Trump made using the Oval landline to Zelensky asking for dirt on Hunter Biden’s Burisma racket in exchange for keeping up the flow of armaments.

While President Biden is trying to find a balance between supporting the Ukrainian army, and not drawing Russia into an nuclear skirmish with it, the media entertains alternative realities in which Trump tweets at Putin to get his ship home and leave the Kremlin.

“What gods were to the ancients at war, ideas are to us,” said Lionel Trilling. In present-day America, just replace ideas with celebrities, particularly reality-TV-stars-turned-presidents, and the sentiment still holds. Russian sanctions are making gas prices rise. A few congressmen want an Uncle Sam-backed no fly zone above Ukraine. It would almost guarantee that a U.S.-Russian spat will occur.

A crazed, warmongering Senator is asking Muscovites for help in dispatching Putin. The President of the United States provides just enough tactical information to Ukraine forces to be considered an ally, but it isn’t enough to start a bigger, radioactive conflict.

America may soon trigger a nuclear holocaust. But the media continue to ask: what would Donald Trump think?

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