Journalist Scolds Americans: Support Ukraine And ‘Stop Whining’ About Higher Gas Prices

Yahoo finance reporter Rick Newman, a frequent commentator for the big three mainstream media networks, advised Americans that the best way to support Ukraine right now is to “stop whining” about higher gas prices.

Newman opens his column by noting how high gas prices are since Russia’s invasion. He also mentions that Russia has been implementing sanctions.

“American consumers are going to feel some impact from the Ukraine war in coming weeks,” he warns, later adding, “Four-dollar gas represents a pain threshold for many drivers.”

Newman suggests that it will be a good sacrifice for the American people.

“Those sanctions entail some sacrifice outside of central Europe, in the form of higher gas prices, at least for a while,” he laments.

“Americans who want to support Ukraine don’t have to like higher prices, but they can fill up knowing there’s a good cause on the other side of the world.”

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You don’t have to whine about rising gas prices

Newman’s column has some valid points. Gas prices are on the rise due in large part to Russia-Ukraine’s skirmish.

But what it avoids is the fact that Americans had been – rightfully – whining about higher gas prices long before Russia decided to invade.

According to Gasbuddy, gas cost just a fraction of $2 per gallon at the time President Trump was elected.

And, had tHe Biden administration taken appropriate steps by keeping America energy independent as former President Trump had done, kept the Keystone pipeline intact, and didn’t support Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the nation may have been in a far better position to absorb this crisis.

Newman though gives the President an out saying, “Biden can’t do much to influence gas prices.”

I’m old enough to remember Barack Obama, while Biden was serving as his Vice President, telling Americans “you’re welcome” for lower gas prices. Clearly, heThe President was capable of doing something.


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Biden Can Do Something, He Just Doesn’t Want To

Oddly enough, when Obama made those comments he bragged that lower gas prices were due in part to the United States being “as free of foreign oil as we’ve been in 30 years.”

Instead of seeking freedom from oil, President Biden seems content with being dependent upon it.

Biden so far has resisted bipartisan requests to ban Russian crude oil imports. This was because it would raise already high gas prices. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that the United States was at least considering such a ban.

Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg suggested that the Administration is looking into buying oil from Iran.

Axios is reporting that President Biden’s advisors are considering a trip to Saudi Arabia to “convince the Kingdom to pump more oil.”

Trump stated last week that the current crisis caused by higher gasoline prices wouldn’t have occurred if Trump was still at the White House.

“If my Energy policy had remained in place, where we were Energy independent, and would have soon been bigger in production than Saudi Arabia and Russia combined, the world would have had no problems whatsoever,” he claimed.