Graham Doubles Down On Russia ‘Regime Change’ Rhetoric, Wants To Declare Putin A ‘War Criminal’

Last week, Lindsey Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina, urged the assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

But instead of retracting, he doubled down, calling for “regime change” in Russia and saying that the country’s president should be treated as a “war criminal.”

Graham made his latter remarks during a Friday interview on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

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Sen. Graham: ‘Putin is a war criminal’

After he demanded the assassination Putin, Graham was criticized by Ted Cruz and Majorie T. Greene. 

Graham said this when he doubled down: 

“Here’s what I would say, I’ve been a military prosecutor, defense attorney, judge for 30-something years,” Graham said. “I’m going to introduce a resolution next week — I’ll give it to you on your show — declaring that Putin is a war criminal.”

Graham elaborated further on Russia’s need for regime change.

“It’s clear to me the world would be better off if the Russian people took Putin out tonight,” Graham said. “The war on Ukraine would end, and Russia would have freedom they don’t enjoy today. A steel curtain has descended upon the Russian people.”

“What does that tell me?” Graham asked. “That Putin is afraid of his own people. Putin declared the martial law. I think the Russian people are not buying what Putin is selling when it comes to the Ukraine.”

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Graham Thinks Putin Must Be Overthrown

“And if the Ukrainian people continue to fight as brave as they are, I think eventually, the dam will break in Russia,” Graham added.

“But I want to say this crystal clear — without apology, without equivocation — the world would be better off if Putin were gone tonight,” he declared. “And the best way to end this war is not American boots on the ground, but for the Russian people to rise up, reclaim the honor of their country and take this guy out, Putin, by any means necessary.”

“And if you don’t understand that, you don’t understand this war, and you don’t understand the world in which we live,” Graham finished.

Unknown in regards to Graham’s comments is what would happen to Russia if it’s strongman political leader were killed or deposed. 

What would happen if there was no single person in charge of the chain of custody that holds thousands of nukes?