Ukraine Crisis: U.S. Must Use Restraint

The unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine has put the entire world on alert. Many politicians and activists call for the United States’ leadership and control in this conflict.

Will Ruger, the newly appointed president of the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), disagrees. Veteran of Afghanistan, he is also a Ph.D. candidate in international policy. He served as vice-president of research at Charles Koch Institute and was later nominated for the post of ambassador to Afghanistan by the Trump administration. (His confirmation was never put to a vote).

Ruger advocates what he refers to as “libertarian reality” in foreign policies. It means that America’s intervention abroad must be limited to defending one narrowly defined national interest. The use of force should also be subjugated strictly to diplomacy. Ruger is skeptical that the United States can or should play a leading role in defending Ukraine, and he doesn’t think sanctions are likely to accomplish anything, especially in the short run.

Ruger is interviewed by Nick Gillespie about past military intervention mistakes, current events and how NATO, China, and the European Union all play into the present. Gillespie also discusses his plans for AIER as the new head, which is one of the most enduring free-market think tanks.

Nick Gillespie hosts; Adam Czarnecki edits