Expert Warns America: Get Ready For $5 A Gallon Gas Very Soon

Analysts are warning that gas prices will continue to rise in the midst of Russia’s war with Ukraine, with one expert noting that Americans should budget for $5/gallon gas “within weeks.”

The current national average price of gas is $3.84 a gallon according to data from AAA – up over 41 cents from last month, 26 cents from last week, and over 10 cents from just yesterday.

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, tweeted a grim outlook going forward for the average person’s budget.

“We’re getting closer to seeing our first ever major city gas price average reach $5/gal,” he warned on Tuesday.

De Haan listed some cities near the $5/gallon gas mark.

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$5 for a gallon of gas

Since De Haan’s tweet warning about $5/gallon gas in the “next couple of weeks” on Tuesday, every single one of those cities shot past the mark by a significant margin. This took several days and not just weeks.

  • AAA reports that San Francisco’s average cost of living is $5.21.
  • Los Angeles – $5.15.
  • Oakland – $5.13.
  • San Jose – $5.11.
  • San Diego – $5.10.

Buzz Patterson captured prices in Thousand Oaks California. Regular octane costs $5.39/gallon.

The White House warned last week that gas prices were likely to rise as a result of the administration’s policies towards Ukraine and Russia.

Truth is, Americans had already suffered through difficult years at the pump long before the conflict in Eastern Europe.

That said, it’s certainly not helping.

“We think the Russia-Ukraine war will intensify global and U.S. inflation pressures by pushing up oil and gas prices,” Brian Coulton, chief economist with credit rating agency Fitch, told CBS News.

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White House Won’t Ban Russian Oil

Thursday’s White House rejection of bipartisan demands to ban Russian oil imports was a sign that the White House does not believe it is necessary. This would lead to an increase in already rising gas prices.

Instead they recommended that Americans reduce dependence on oil, and instead shift to renewable energy.

“What we can do over time and what this is a … reminder of, in the President’s view, is our need to reduce our reliance on oil,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.

Reporters tried to get President Biden’s permission to ban Russian oil imports at a Cabinet meeting. His aides intervened and kicked them out.

The American people’s pain isn’t simply taking place at the pump. It’s hitting them in the wallet in general.

The media and White House are focusing on the recovery of jobs lost because of pandemic lockdowns. However, they ignore your lighter wallet.

Nominal wages increased 5.1% in February year-over-year. This sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Negative. 

The consumer price index has been above 5.1% since June, and spiked by 7.5% since January 2021 – a 40 year high. The reality is that real wages in Biden have dropped.

As if yesterday, Democrats rejoiced in gas price drop of less than one nickel and brag about Fourth-of July savings of 16 cents.

If you save that 16-cent savings for 30 straight Independence Day barbecues you’ll be able to purchase a gallon of gas – in 31 years.