Biden Still Wants Government Interfering in All Areas of Life

During the State of the Union address, President Joe Biden’s opening comments about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine were pretty good—inspiring even. He might have left the podium on high if he had not stopped. However, the president went on speaking, detailing a series of expensive and intrusive changes in American life. Many of these are still stalled components of his legislative agenda. When he was not frying up word salad, he called for increased taxes, spending more, and more regulations. Biden missed an opportunity to do what politicians usually prefer: Support freedom, then shut down.

Biden stated that “from President Zelensky, to all Ukrainians, their fearlessness. Their courage. their determination. literally inspires, the world,” Notedin his early days on-stage. “Groups of citizens blockade tanks with their bodies. All ages, including students and retirees. Teachers are soldiers who defend their homeland.

These words were powerful and true to Jake Tapper’s observation that, “given his speaking talent and challenges, it was an extremely strong performance.” Only if the president would have walked out of the room at this stage. However, he refused to read any of the script.

He boasted that “One of my first actions as president was to fight for the American Rescue Plan”, referring to the huge spending bill passed by Congress last year. “Because people are hurting. “Because people were hurting.

But… There are reasonsPeter Suderman, a member of the Associated Press Noted at the time, “only a few percentage points of its massive $1.9 trillion price tag is specifically geared toward, you know, addressing the pandemic.…Most of it is instead a pre-existing Democratic Party wishlist of increased spending on virtually every aspect of government.”

It was actually the spending that hurt. MorePeople by driving up prices and devaluing dollars as part of an ongoing pattern that began under the previous administration, and continues with Biden to flood the economy with cash.

“It’s hard to imagine a more clear demonstration of fiscal inflation, an enormous fiscal helicopter fall, exhibit A for fiscal theory of price level.” Observed Hoover Institution economist John Cochrane.

Biden acknowledged that inflation is a problem. However, he didn’t say that the government’s helicopter-drop of money and other impositions are the reason. He saw inflation, as an unintended side effect, of the pandemic. According to him, the pandemic resulted in businesses having difficulty hiring sufficient workers to maintain production at their plants. This confused cause and effect entails mandatory business closures as well other policy disruptions. Predictably, his solution is to increase government involvement.

In a jab at companies that raise prices to make dollars more valuable, he stated: “Tonight, we’re announcing a crackdown against those companies overcharging American business and consumers.”

President Trump stated, “My plan for fighting inflation will lower you costs and reduce the deficit.” He then proposed that the federal government would set drug prices and subsidize home weatherization. The federal government also should underwrite the purchase of electric cars and build 500,000 charging stations. Biden is also asking for the government’s support in providing childcare as well as long-term care subsidized and pre-kindergarten. He promises that all of these things will be possible without increasing taxes for those earning less than $400,000 per annum. It’ll be quite an artifact. national debtThe world’s largest stock market is now at $30 trillion WithoutThis is a very ambitious goal.

Biden is also pushing for more government oversight over nursing homes. A higher minimum wage and government subsidies to college education are just a few of the many federal programs that he supports, but most come from the stagnated. Spend less and Build Back Better is a monstrosity. This doesn’t sound like a plan. ReduplicationIt hides costs by shifting some to the taxpayers, but it does not cover all. Biden’s pledge is the same: “When taxpayers’ money are used to rebuild America,” Biden stated. He said, “When we use taxpayers’ dollars to rebuild America we will do so by purchasing American products and supporting American jobs.” This will increase costs by eliminating the possibility of foreign sources or their competition.

The benefits of Buy America/American policies may be exaggerated and, at minimum, they contribute to higher infrastructure costs,” said a 2017 Annual ReportFrom the American Action Forum.

Biden is determined to curb one aspect of government intervention: Criminal justice reform. The president has offered only a brief statement about body camera bans and chokeholds. This comes less than two years after demonstrators took to the streets in protest against police brutality. Then matters get worse.

He exclaimed, “We should all be in agreement: It is not necessary to defund police forces.” Fund the police. Finance them. Finance them. Provide resources and training to them.

The cops should be prepared for next year’s protests against police brutality. 

He also requested more gun restrictions. This includes home-made “ghost weapons” which are specifically designed for self defense and beyond government’s reach. He also proposed to ban firearm purchases from people who are on “stretched watch” lists. Without a minimum of fair process.

It’s difficult to gauge how serious the president takes any given issue, or whether a particular point is of vital importance to him. The speech was scattered and disconnected from a central theme. It seemed that the speech was intended to remind the faithful of his determination to push for stalled legislation and to show that he believes in expanding the state as a Democratic favorite. But, the most important thing is that he is mentally and physically still capable. That last point is still a source of doubt.

Biden said, “You cannot build a wall tall enough to prevent a vaccination” in an argument over COVID-19. Biden also stated that “…”[Vladimir]Putin might circle Kyiv in tanks but it’s unlikely that he will win the affection of the Iranian people. Putin is unlikely to be loved by the people of Russia, even though he’s a Russian dictator. Ukrainian people.

This opening statement about the conflict in Ukraine should really have been the entirety of the address by the president. The message was unifying and offered hope to an already divided nation before the country took off into economic fantasies and disdain for liberty. It was important to not dilute the encouraging words of underdogs who fight for liberty against authoritarianism by adding verbiage that contradicts this message.