University of Milano-Bicocca Suspends Dostoevsky Class, Then Backtracks

Newsweek (Khaleda Raman)

Italian writer Paolo Nori posted a video on Instagram on Tuesday saying he had received an email from officials at the University of Milano-Bicocca, in Milan, informing him of the decision to postpone his [four-session course on Dostoevsky]Following Russia’s invasion in Ukraine.

“Dear Professor, The Vice-Rector for Didactics notified me of a decision made with the Rector to postpone Dostoevsky’s course,” according to Nori’s email.

“This is meant to prevent any controversy, particularly internally during times of high tensions.” …

Matteo Renzi (Italy’s former prime Minister, is currently a Senator for Florence). tweeted that it was “insane” to prohibit studying Dostoevsky because of the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin….

A Wednesday press release was issued by the university. statement on its social media accounts confirming the course would go ahead.

It is a good thing that the cooler heads prevailed, even though Alessandra Bocchi, an Italian journalist, was not. reportsIt appears the “it seems that the professor who raised the alarm was going to be reprimanded”