Ted Cruz Calls Biden Address ‘Most Out-Of-The-Touch State Of The Union Speech’ He’s Ever Heard

Senator Ted Cruz blasted President Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night, calling it out of touch, and said it did nothing to actually address America’s problems.

Cruz gave his analysis during an interview on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

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Cruz: ‘This was the most out-of-the-touch State of the Union speech that I have ever heard’

Cruz told host Sean Hannity, “You know, tonight was the 10th State of the Union that I’ve been on the floor of the House of Representatives to hear from the third different president. And this was the most out-of-the-touch State of the Union speech that I have ever heard.”

“Biden went through a litany of acknowledging some of the problems we face in this country but utterly denying any responsibility, any culpability for it,” Cruz said. “So, he acknowledged galloping inflation but didn’t say a word about the trillions and spending and trillions of debt he rammed through that caused that inflation. He acknowledged gas prices are skyrocketing but didn’t say a word about the war on domestic energy production that his administration led.”

One of Biden’s first acts as President was to shut down the Keystone Pipeline – and incredibly, the U.S. still buys oil from Russia.

Cruz continued to itemize issues Biden didn’t address.

“He acknowledged the need to secure our southern border, but didn’t say a word about the failure of his administration to enforce the laws, leading to the highest rate of illegal immigration in 61 years,” Biden continued.

Cruz added, “On Ukraine, he acknowledged Russia’s invasion but didn’t say a word about the disastrous weakness from his administration, the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, or his decision to waive sanctions on Russia on Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is what directly led to this invasion.”

A mere month after the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Democrats rejected Cruz’s bill which would have approved the Russian pipeline.

“On every issue, he was like Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes,” Cruz said. “I see nothing. I hear nothing.”

The Republican senator noted that Biden didn’t bring up rising crime in his speech.
“With him, that may be right. But he denied any and all culpability,” Cruz added. “And I’ll tell you four words that I didn’t hear at all tonight. I didn’t hear crime. He didn’t acknowledge the crime rate that is soaring across this country, the murder rate that is soaring across this country because of the Democrats’ push to abolish the police.”

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Cruz: ‘It was really a disappointing speech’

Cruz noted additional omissions made by Biden.

“He didn’t say the word China, even once,” Cruz noted. “It was stunning that China is the greatest geopolitical threat facing the United States. And somehow, it didn’t make it into the speech. He didn’t say Afghanistan. He didn’t even acknowledge the disgraceful surrender and retreat that he led. And he didn’t say Israel. That was really striking in a State of the Union.”

“I think it was really a disappointing speech,” Cruz finished.

CBS claims that their poll of Biden’s State of the Union address found that nearly 80% of people who watched it approved – an incredible figure.