Say Opera Houses Announce They “No Longer Engage With Artists That Support Israel,”

This hypothetical is of course based on the Metropolitan Opera saying “we can no longer engage with artists … that support Putin.” Imagine that the Opera says that Israel’s control on the West Bank is just as dangerous as Putin trying to overthrow Ukraine’s government (and to occupy and annexe areas of Ukraine). If you support Israel publicly, you will be fired and you won’t get hired again, except if you are willing to condemn Israeli actions.

Although I do not consider the core geopolitical actions, Russia’s regarding Ukraine and Israel’s towards the West Bank or the Palestinians as being morally distinct, many people see them as very similar. That is what the Boycott Divest Sanctions against Israel reflect. Would you like to comment on the Metropolitan Opera’s decision about Putin, and its hypothetical about Israel?

  1. These are Similar right. Art institutions must refuse to work with artists that support governments and people who are not in their best interests.
  2. These are The same goes for you. Artists institutions should not blacklist anyone based on their political beliefs.
  3. These are Similar results are available in neutral. The arts institutions must be free to do whatever they want, as both a matter law and as an ethical matter. They can cut off all connections with those who are influenced by their political opinions and statements.
  4. Although the Met is correct in its actions, it is not as good as the Israel-related hypothetical. Putin has done the wrong thing and Israel is right.. That might actually be the opinion of many when it comes to banning countries or companies. People who are hostile to countries, people, or actions is a good thing. But blacklisting those who support positive countries is bad.
  5. Although the Met is correct in its actions, it is not as good as the Israel-related hypothetical. Only because Putin clearly is in wrong, while Israel’s hold over West Bank can be at most something that reasonable people might disagree. We shouldn’t blacklist people who endorse such plausible views, but you should indeed be blacklisted if you support extreme views—you support Putin, you’ve supported Soviet Communism, you supported Castro or support the Chinese government (wait, where does that fall)?
  6. It’s a silly idea! The opera house most likely has There are many donors who would stop donating if the opera house took what is perceived as an anti-Israel stance,  and surely if the opera house started firing supporters of Israel. The opera house is unlikely to have many donors that would donate the same, if it stopped dealing with Putin supporters. This is where fools are foolish: What views can get you fired? It’s not a question of economic power.

Please share your thoughts with me.