Rep. Jim Jordan Says ‘Radical Left’ Won’t Let Biden Reverse ‘Crazy’ Energy Policies

On Wednesday, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan argued that President Biden was essentially being held hostage policy-wise by the far-left wing of the Democrat Party – particularly when it comes to energy policy.

During the conflict in Ukraine, energy’s importance has risen to the fore.

Jordan made his remarks during an interview on “The National Desk,” a local show in Columbus, Ohio.

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Rep. Jordan: ‘The left actually wants to destroy the oil and gas industry’

Responding to a question about how many European countries are reliant on Russia for oil, and what steps America can take to become energy independent, Jordan said we need to “reverse the crazy policies of the Biden administration” and do a total 180 from what is being done now.

Jordan criticised Biden’s decision to get rid of the Keystone XL PipelineOil and Gas Companies are prohibited from starting new drilling. federal lands, and other “crazy policies of the Biden administration.”

Just last week, the Biden administration froze new oil and gas leases after a federal court blocked them from considering “climate change” in cost estimates.

Jordan stated that Biden would have to do these things even if he wanted.

“Even if Joe Biden wanted to do that, his party won’t let him,” Jordan said. “His party is controlled by the left.”

“The left actually wants to destroy the oil and gas industry,” Jordan contended.

“We had a hearing a few months ago where my Democrat colleague Ro Khanna said, in that hearing, with executives from the oil and gas companies. He went down the line and badgered each witness and said ‘Will you pledge today to decrease production.’”

“I mean, think about that,” Jordan exclaimed. “I asked him after his comments and after his questioning, I said ‘What do you guys want? $8 gas? And the truth is they do,” Jordan said.

The Long Game

“They want to drive the oil and gas business out of business, and it just shows how out of touch they are.”

The Republican said Biden didn’t have the guts to stand up to the extremists in his own party.

“It would be nice if Joe Biden wanted to reverse policies but I don’t think he can because the radical left controls his party,” Jordan claimed.

“He may want to change, who knows, but his party won’t let him and that’s why, I think, this fall there is going to be a big change in the midterm election,” Jordan said.

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