The War in Ukraine, continued

What is the significance of today? The silence of both Russian and Ukrainian sides about their initial negotiating sessions at the border. Today’s announcement by them that they would be holding an “invasion” conference. SecondRound of negotiations to follow shortly.

You would have expected this to occur if serious proposals were being made. You would think that if it were all arm-waving, table-pounding and hand-wringing, one or both sides would say so. Blaming each other for the failure of the exercise is a common reaction. It is very encouraging that the Ukrainians agreed to meet again. TheyThese people must feel that the discussion could lead to something of value, and are better positioned than me to reach that conclusion.

It is clear that the Russians were responsible. It is notWould you like to be in that position? Putin was in power at the time of the invasion. Please enter noIntent to negotiate with Zelensky and his government. Do you doubt his plans? The plan was to DisableZelensky, his government and the rest of it. This was not an incidental part of his ultimate goal – it was essential. This was He had one goal.

Now, six days into the negotiations, he has Zelensky on board.  Perhaps it is a complete fraud. The Ukrainians don’t seem to believe it’s a scam, so I will trust their judgement.

It is what does this mean? I believe it is clear that Russia wants to leave. Putin is facing a difficult problem that he did not anticipate. It will be a problem which, unfortunately, but fortunately, for civilized people, cannot and will not be resolved on the battlefield.  Of course the problem is the Allies new weapon, collectively known as “sanctions”, which seems to be capable to destroying the Russian economy, and even the Russian standard for living. It’s like “bombing them back into the Stone Age”, but with no bombs.

The Russians will undoubtedly see this problem. It is notEven if they achieve their goals on the battlefield, they will not be able to go away. This may make matters worse. By marching into Kharkiv or Kyiv, dissolving government, imprisoning or killing Zelensky, and his associates that does not help Putin in the eyes of the rest of the world, it is unlikely to bring down the Allies.

I believe this is a sign that things are coming to an end. I feel that Russia has been anxious about finding a way out and that Ukraine can do the same.

In true American spirit, I have $50 to prove that the war in Ukraine is finished and that Russia is on its way out. The Comments are open for me to be taken up by the first one.

The Allies’ new weapon is able to reverse its effect in a significant way, which is a major advantage over conventional war weapons. If it succeeds, it’s a form of siege. Once it is stopped and the gates reopen, Russia can quickly return to its pre-war status.  This, it is reasonable to suppose, should be part of negotiations currently underway. It will provide some assurance that sanctions will be lifted in the event the Russians depart. [Which could get tricky, insofar as the Ukrainians aren’t the ones imposing the sanctions]

It’s not as if Russia was being bombed back into the Stone Age. The effects of this would be difficult to reverse.

A retaliation that would result in Russia being bombed back to its Stone Age, which is something we have the capability to do, would be a matter of grave concern.

However, this highlights another great feature of the weapon we’ve deployed. Russia won’t turn against us in retaliation.  Although it could take control of Kyiv’s ground, it cannot seize all American economies.  This is a great weapon.



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