The Stossel State of the Union

The State of the Union address by President Joe Biden was just delivered.

Here are the words that Biden should have used:

“Russian’s unwarranted invading of Ukraine is a reminder that America’s military must remain strong and focused.” DefenseFocus on the important things, and not distracting factors like gender equity

“I support the Ukrainian people and will assist them wherever I can. But America won’t enter into this war.

My predecessors were involved in wars around the globe. Today, America posts soldiers in 80 countries: 25,000 in South Korea, 30,000 in Germany, 50,000 in Japan…

“I’ll bring them home. They can afford their own defense. I pledge that I will deploy America’s soldiers OnlyIf America is in direct danger

My predecessor was able to avoid war.

Trump used to say that he’d bring our troops home. “We are now out Afghanistan. I followed my lead. We did manage to get out of Afghanistan, even though I had not planned it well.

“I have much to be sorry for in relation to the governance of my home. Now, two years after the pandemic began, I realize just how badly I erred.

“I stated that we would not mandate vaccinations. According to my press secretary, “That’s not part of the responsibility of the federal government.”

“But only a few more weeks later, I ordered vaccines for all employees.

I said that this isn’t about freedom and personal choice. It’s ridiculous. Freedom and choice were the main tenets of my mandate. My mandate was overturned by the Supreme Court.

“My government made endless mistakes.

“Our Centers for Disease Control and Prevention kept outdoor mask rules in place for a full year. That’s absurd. It is almost impossible for COVID-19 to be contracted outdoors. It’s almost impossible to contract COVID-19 outdoors.

“I will stop doing that.”

Trump liked to send you money during the pandemic. Trump stated that people would love to be able to write a beautiful and big check. “85 percent” of American households will receive a $1400 rescue check, I stated.

But government does not have money. That money was taken away from you. Washington, D.C., then took a cut, while we distributed the rest as Santa Claus.

“I’m NOT Santa. “I promise that I won’t give away this much money!” Already, the national debt has reached $30 trillion. It’s impossible to pay it back. I made things worse by my reckless spending. Even worse, I said once, naively, that big spending would cause problems. Reduit inflation. The inflation reached a high of 40 years.

But I have learned from my failures! Start today and I’ll reduce irresponsible expenditures

I will eliminate useless cabinet departments like Housing and Urban Development and Labor. Agriculture employs almost 100,000 people. Why? The food is grown by independent farmers. I have been living in Washington for 50 years and still do not know much about the bureaucrats.

“I will also get rid of Department of Education. Is it necessary for this department to exist? Education is a local responsibility. It is not the business of the federal government! It isn’t theirs! my business.

“We don’t need a Commerce Department. Commerce just happens. These bureaucrats will be gone and the buildings sold.

“I will also get rid of Drug Enforcement Administration. Because I will end this destructive War on Drugs, we won’t even need it. Everyone has the right to choose what they want with their bodies. Even if it weren’t, local law enforcement falls under the police jurisdiction.

“If we get rid of the harmful laws and department, then we can focus on what government has to offer.” ShouldDo: Keep us free and safe.

“In closing, let me say that I will abide by our Constitution. The Constitution places limits on my abilities. Trump claimed once that Article II granted him power over what he wants. That’s absurd.

“We have Limited powers.

“I cannot do what I want.”

“I promise that from now on I will do less.

“In reality, if you do your job well, you’d barely be able to tell that I’m even here.”