How Libertarians Should Think About Ukraine Invasion

What should the United States do to help Ukraine fight Russian invaders? Are financial sanctions for Russia moral and effective? What would a liberal foreign policy based on “realism, restraint”, look like?

Today’s guest: Interview with The ReasonIs Will RugerPresident of American Institute for Economic Research, (AIER), he is a newly elected president. He has a PhD in Politics focusing on Foreign Policy. A veteran of Afghanistan’s war, he was an active voice calling for the U.S. to withdraw. Ruger was officially nominated as ambassador to Afghanistan by the Trump administration. However, he was never confirmed.

Ruger is a supporter of “libertarian realist” foreign policy. This means that America should only intervene abroad to defend a narrowly defined national interests and diplomacy should prevail over military force. Ruger doubts that the United States should or can play a major role in Ukraine’s defense. He also doesn’t believe sanctions will accomplish much, particularly in the short-term.

Talk about how China, NATO and the European Union are influencing current events and his plans for AIER as the leader of one of the most enduring free-market think tanks in the nation.