Hillary Clinton Lauds Biden’s Job In ‘Leading The World’ Against Putin

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went on the far-left “Rachel Maddow Show” this week to praise President Joe Biden for “leading the world” and to advocate for more U.S. involvement in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Clinton made an interesting observation about Russian citizens inflicting pain.

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Clinton: ‘I give President Biden and the Biden administration a lot of credit for leading the world to this point’

When host Rachel Maddow commented on the Biden administration’s handling of this crisis, also noting one wonders if the U.S. is doing too much or too little, Clinton replied, “It is remarkable.”

“I give President Biden and the Biden administration a lot of credit for leading the world to this point,” Clinton said. “The strategy of disclosing intelligence, to demonstrate very clearly that Putin was trying to do once again what is done before, use disinformation, false flag operations, in order to try to justify an unjustifiable invasion was incredibly smart.”

“It was unprecedented, and it seems to have really woken up so much of the world and stymied Putin,” the former first lady and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee added.

Clinton advocated for the U.S. to play a greater role in the conflict and requested that more advanced American weaponry be sent over to Ukraine.

Your second observation is, Ukraine’s provision of weapons has already begun. This needs to be increased. Stinger missiles are needed by the Ukrainians in order to take down Russian aircraft. For tanks to be stopped, they will need Javelin rockets. They also need lots of ammunition. It is now a two-prong approach. They require as much support and assistance as possible.

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Clinton wants economic pain

Clinton made a shocking comment about the extent to which she will go to to hurt Putin.

We can help the Ukrainians in causing enough economic distress to Putin. A sad fact about the Russian people.That, along with the provision of weapons, might be the only way I see right now to get us into a stalemate which might save the Ukrainian people even more tragedy.