Hillary Clinton Wants Trump, Americans ‘Called Out’ For ‘Providing Aid And Comfort To Putin’

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in an interview with MSNBC regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, says Americans who “are giving aid and comfort to Vladimir Putin” need to be “called out.”

This was clearly a reference to Donald Trump.

A clip of her interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe late last week was posted by Clinton on her social media account on Monday.

“We have to also make sure that within our own country we are calling out those people who are giving aid and comfort to Vladimir Putin,” she said, “who are talking about what a genius he is, what a smart move it is.”

She reiterated those thoughts in her caption of the clip and added that those same ‘people’ are ‘siding against’ democracy.

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Hillary Clinton accuses others of aiding Vladimir Putin

Aiding and comforting an enemy meant actually giving financial, militaristic or other aid. It also involved safe harboring of the enemy in any way.

Politicians and media now use the term to criticize the president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton, of course, isn’t being honest when she claims some ‘people’ are providing aid and comfort to Vladimir Putin.

The statement referencing calling Putin a ‘genius’ is a direct shot at former President Donald Trump, who was accused of heaping praise upon the Russian president in a recent interview.

As I’ve already demonstrated, that narrative is false, with the media failing to take into account context and sarcasm which Trump interjected into his commentary.

What Trump was conveying with his sarcastic commentary is that Putin’s tactics work on President Biden because Biden himself is certainly no genius, but would never have been successful if he were still in office.

Shocking, isn’t it, that the media would create a narrative to portray Trump as an ally of Vladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton would mindlessly echo those same thoughts?

Clinton then compared the Russia-Ukraine conflict to America’s fight for democracy. The fight Democrats spent most of the last year claiming is against Republican voter integrity laws.

“I just published an article about the national security emergency for democracy and it starts here at home, where we have to be much more united in the face of what is a very real threat from Vladimir Putin and his imperialistic ambitions,” she added.

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Hillary’s Own Aid and Comfort

Questions immediately arise over Hillary Clinton’s comments on Vladimir Putin. 

Who is more guilty of providing ‘aid and comfort’ to Russia?

Or was there ‘aid and comfort’ in the former Secretary of State urging American investors to fund Russian research for military uses, as the Wall Street Journal reported in July of 2016?

Not to mention her famed “reset” with Russia.

“Her handling of a major technology transfer initiative at the heart of Washington’s effort to ‘reset’ relations with Russia raises serious questions about her record,” the WSJ wrote.

“Far from enhancing American national interests, Mrs. Clinton’s efforts in this area may have substantially undermined U.S. national security.”

While we’re on the topic of foreign ‘aid and comfort’ and it’s role in democracy, let’s not forget what role Ukrainians allegedly had in helping Clinton’s campaign in 2016.

A Politico investigation revealed that Alexandra Chalupa worked in the White House Office of Public Liaison during the Clinton administration and was involved in Russiagate.

Chalupa was a DNC contractor who sought information on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort; information she hoped to use to expose Manafort’s links to the country during the 2016 campaign.

“Donald Trump wasn’t the only presidential candidate whose campaign was boosted by officials of a former Soviet bloc country,” the Politico article reads.

“Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office.”

Ukrainian Ambassador Valeriy Chaly described Chalupa’s efforts as blatant election interference.

“The embassy considered her requests an inappropriate solicitation of interference in the U.S. election,” Chaly wrote.

Chalupa, who worked with Ukrainian officials in 2016 on behalf of the DNC to dig up dirt on Trump, recently called for Fox News host Tucker Carlson to be prosecuted for treason because he questioned America’s role in defending “a small, corrupt nation called Ukraine.”

Hillary Clinton literally provided Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov a “reset” button within months of Russian leader Vladimir Putin invading Georgia.

That right there is providing ‘aid and comfort’ to Vladimir Putin. This should be exposed.