Brickbats: March 2022

After media reports that she didxxed parents challenging the COVID-19 school district’s mask mandate, Norma Garcia Lopez resigned from her position as co-chairperson of the Racial Equity Committee in Fort Worth Independent School District. She also spoke against critical race theories. Garcia-Lopez shared the information of parents including their names, addresses, telephone numbers, work addresses, and employers. One parent claimed Garcia-Lopez left a voicemail containing profanity.

Katrina Phelan was a teacher at Abraham Lincoln high school in Iowa and has been arrested on three counts of terroristic threat. Phelan allegedly wrote anonymous letters threatening violence against the school. She posed, in one of her notes, as a student bullied.

Wishma Rathnayake, a Sri Lankan national, moved to Japan with the dream to learn English. Three years later, Rathnayake was arrested and charged with violating the terms of her visa. She died at a Japanese facility for illegal immigration detention. A probe revealed that Rathnayake had been denied medical treatment by staff over several months. The director of the group which assists Japanese nationals in Japan detention claimed that Rathnayake had repeatedly asked officials for medical care, but was refused without explaining his request.

Samuel Scott Jr. filed a lawsuit against the city and five police officers, alleging false imprisonment and malign prosecution. Scott was attempting to report that his car had been taken. Officers spotted it and pursued the driver. The driver crashed into another car and fled on foot. Scott was immediately taken into custody by police officers who arrived at his home. The police arrested Scott and charged him for leaving the accident scene, falsifying a report of a crime and failing to have a concealed weapons permit. He also was accused of possessing marijuana. All of those were dropped by the district attorney.

According to reports, the CIA owned evidence that 10 CIA contractors or employees had committed sex crime against children. They fired the employees and canceled contracts. However, only one was charged with criminal offenses. BuzzFeedThe story was first reported by.

West Creek High school in Clarksville suspended over 50 students involved in TikTok’s video of them raising their smartphones and holding them up like guns. The school spokeswoman stated that the students had violated the school’s code of conduct, which prohibits disruptive, dangerous or harmful conduct to other students and others.

Following Darrell Meekcom’s mooning of a speed camera on a mobile van, Kidderminster police charged him with dangerous driving and indecent exposure. Meekcom is a terminally ill man who says he wanted to do it because he had been caught by the police at silly speeds of 35 mph within a 30-zone. It always bugs me.” Six police officers arrived at Meekcom’s home and, when he wouldn’t let them in to his house, kicked in his gate, tackled him to ground, then handcuffed him.

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court upheld an earlier court decision that Manheim Township School District had violated student rights. They expelled him from school for sending joke Snapchat messages. Two messages were sent by the student to a friend mocking a third student for his penchant of wearing T-shirts for Cannibal Corpse’s death metal band. The threat was not discovered by police. However, school officials deemed the threats to be threatening.