New Poll: Significant Majority Says Putin Wouldn’t Have Invaded Ukraine If Trump Were President

According to a new poll, a large majority of American voters believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin wouldn’t have invaded Ukraine had former President Donald Trump occupied it.  

According to The Hill, the poll was conducted by Harvard Center for American Political Studies-Harris Poll Survey.

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Poll: ’62 percent of those polled believed Putin would not be moving against Ukraine if Trump had been president’

The Hill reported that the survey found that “62 percent of those polled believed Putin would not be moving against Ukraine if Trump had been president. When looking strictly at the answers of Democrats and Republicans, 85 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats answered this way.”

The majority of respondents also believed that Putin saw Biden weaker than they did, which made his invasion in Ukraine even more probable.

The Hill reported, “A majority of Americans polled — 59 percent — also said they believed that the Russian president moved on Ukraine because Putin saw weakness in President Biden, while 41 percent said that it was not a factor in Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.”

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Recent Poll In A Series Of Surveys Showing Very Low Approval Ratings for Biden

Trump also has used the same argument. The former President stated in an interview that last week: 

If we weren’t there, this would not have been possible. However, he was. Chuck Todd asked this question. Why was this not possible during Trump’s administration? Putin was someone that I really knew. He was a great friend. He loved me. He was a good friend to me. I mean, you know, he’s a tough cookie, got a lot of the great charm and a lot of pride. But the way he — and he loves his country, you know? He is a proud citizen of his country. He’s acting a little differently I think now.

This new survey comes in the wake of numerous polls showing low approval ratings for the Biden administration on every issue imaginable – COVID-19 pandemic, a botched Afghanistan withdrawal inflation, Democratic infighting and now the invasion of Ukraine.

Between February 23 and 24, the Harvard CAPS Harris Poll Survey was completed.