FEMA Encourages Survivors of a Nuclear Holocaust To Mask, Socially Distance

The possibility of Russia invading Ukraine could spark an all-out nuclear war, but federal bureaucrats are determined to show that they can handle two different crises simultaneously.

This Sunday Based PoliticsBrad Polumbo reported on the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA), page for nuclear blasts. It has been updated in order to encourage people not to be too close to their families if they are hunkering at home.

FEMA advises that people shelter in the closest building, concrete or brick, should they hear warnings of a nuclear attack.

According to the website, “When you are in a safe location, maintain at least six feet of distance between yourself and other members of your household.” If you are sheltering with someone who is not part of your family, it’s a good idea to wear a mask. advises people to stay indoors for 24 hours following the explosions. During this time, they can continue to distance themselves from others and keep their masks on.

FEMA has helpful tips for survivors of the nuclear holocaust. If you have a medical emergency, it is advisable to call 911. If the operator survived, then you can tell them that you believe you may have COVID-19. Make sure you mask off before anyone arrives.

One theory is that survivors may envy those who have died after a nuclear conflict.

FEMA provides some valuable advice for people who are experiencing psychic discomfort from witnessing the world on fire. FEMA is sensitive to the possibility that some survivors may have had many things on their plates before the bombs fell.

Talk to someone about your feelings of sadness. People may feel anxiety and fear about coronavirus 2019, COVID-19. “The threat of nuclear explosions can cause additional stress,” states.

The program encourages members to connect with each other via phone and video calls. If all other telecommunications are blocked, there is no guidance as to whether or not it is okay to meet outdoors in a socially distant manner.

FEMA’s advice to covid-conscious is drawing a lot of mockery online from conservative parts of the internet.

The poor coordination between COVID prevention and other important issues has been a problem for the public health bureaucracy throughout the entire pandemic. Their understanding of the actual responses to emergency situations has been a problem.

Federal government’s indignation about social distancing at fallout bunkers is an extreme example of this ignorance. It’s like trying to enforce capacity restrictions at the fiddle concert while Rome burns.

This advice, which is being given by FEMA, adds to the irony. FEMA has a core responsibility during natural disasters to coordinate multiple agencies’ response and communication efforts.

However, the agency clearly has not coordinated with other agencies in advising citizens on what to do in case of nuclear blast.

On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped suggesting that anyone socially disengage or use masks indoors for those who live in low to medium COVID-19 risk areas. This advice could also be applied to fallout shelters.

So provided you don’t live in a high-risk county, you should feel free to be unmasked while you and members of another household negotiate how many shotgun shells they’d be willing to trade for a few cans of irradiated tuna.