Democrat Swalwell Claims If Trump Were President He’d Be ‘Sending Weapons To Russia’

Representative Eric Swalwell accused former President Trump of “rooting” for Russia in their war effort against Ukraine and alleged if he were still in office, the former President would be running arms to Vladimir Putin.

Swalwell commented on social media.

The California Democrat roped Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo into his criticism of those he alleges are ‘pro-Russia.’

“Don’t let Republicans change who they were before Russia invaded Ukraine. Led by Trump/Tucker/Pompeo many were rooting for Russia,” he wrote. “Let’s be real: if Trump was president we’d be sending weapons to Russia.”

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Swalwell Took Donations From Russia ‘Putin Pipeline’ Lobbyist

Swalwell accusing Republicans of being cozy with Russia may be a bit of projection on the congressman’s part.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Swalwell’s campaign received a $2,900 donation in 2018 and a $5,400 donation to his campaign in 2018 from Vincent Roberti Sr., who chairs the group Roberti Global.

Roberti is reportedly a prominent lobbyist for Nord Stream 2 AG. The group that built the Russian pipeline in the middle of European politics, and President Biden sanctioned recently after Ukraine’s invasion.

The Senate Democrats defended Nord Stream 2 last month by refusing a Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX), attempt to impose sanctions on the Russian-German natural-gas pipeline. This was before Biden could renege after the invasion.

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Trump sent weapons to Ukraine

ABC News reported that in October 2019, President Trump approved the sale to Ukraine of anti-tank arms.

In December 2017, his administration approved for the first time the sale of $47million worth of 210 Javelin rockets and 37 launchers to Ukraine.

The Washington Post reports that the weapons were more of a “strategic deterrent” to Russia.

Following a conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky (Ukraine President), Trump later frozen $400 million worth of congressionally approved security aid to Ukraine.

Later, that phone call became the focal point of an unsuccessful impeachment attempt against Trump.

Later, the former President released military assistance.

In 2014, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visited Washington, where Joe Biden and Barack Obama were both in office. He pleaded for arms to defend Ukraine. 

He declared at the time “one cannot win a war with blankets.”

Following his speech, The Wall Street Journal reported that “President Barack Obama stuck to his refusal to provide weapons or other lethal military gear to Ukraine.”

Trump insists that the Russian invasion in Ukraine wouldn’t have occurred if Trump was President.

“This should have never happened. This would not have happened during my administration,” he said. “It’s a sad thing for the world and the country and a lot of people that will be needlessly killed.”

A recent poll shows that a majority of Americans – 62% – agree that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump were President. 

Swalwell recently suggested “kicking every Russian student out of the United States” as a means of retaliating against Putin, something that had it been suggested by a Republican would have resulted in charges of xenophobia.