Trump Responds To Putin’s Attack On Ukraine: This Never Would Have Happened if I Were President

Former President Donald Trump, responding to news that Russian President Vladimir Putin had commenced a “special military operation” in Ukraine, said the invasion would never have happened under his administration.

Trump spoke out during a phone interview with Laura Ingraham, Fox News personality.

“This should have never happened. This would not have happened during my administration,” he lamented. “In fact, some people are saying why didn’t this take place over the last four years?”

“It’s a sad thing for the world and the country and a lot of people that will be needlessly killed.”

Trump went on to indicate his relationship with Putin, in which he said he “got along with him fantastically,” would have given him leverage in keeping the Russian President in check.

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Trump: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Wouldn’t Have Happened Under Me

Trump speculated that Putin also saw American weakness when the Biden Administration oversaw Afghanistan’s failed withdrawal.

“He saw the weakness and you know, it really started with the weakness in Afghanistan. The way they pulled out of Afghanistan,” he told Ingraham. “I really believe that’s where he started thinking he could do this.”

Trump made a dig at Biden, suggesting that Ingraham, while there were reports of the Russian invasion in Ukraine having begun, was watching the situation closely and would address the nation.

“I don’t think he’s monitoring, I think he is probably sleeping right now,” Trump quipped. 

He added that he believes Putin views this as “the weakness and the incompetence and the stupidity of [the Biden] administration.”

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World at War

Trump claims that what is going on in Ukraine right now would never have occurred if he was in power. War operations that haven’t been seen since the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Explosions have been heard in Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv since before dawn on Thursday as Russia launched an all-out attack.

Many are fleeing from the city. According to Ukrainian leadership, around ten civilians were killed and several hundred troops have been killed.

Fox News reporter Steve Harrigan reported live from Kyiv that he heard nearby explosions during an broadcast.

Putin issued another chilling warning for the West. This warning is hard to imagine Putin could have given under stronger leadership in America.

“To anyone who would consider interfering from the outside – if you do, you will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history,” he said.

The Biden administration insists that they have this unstable situation under control.

Vice President Kamala Harris just days ago insisted that the White House strategy would “absolutely” prevent escalating conflict.

“If Putin has made up his mind, do you feel that this threat that has been looming is really going to deter him?” a reporter asked her.

“Absolut- — we strongly believe — and remember also that the sanctions are a product not only of our perspective as the United States but a shared perspective among our Allies,” a White House transcript reads.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken assured less than 48 hours ago that the administration “had a very clear-eyed view of President Putin all along.”

Trump spoke out about inflation and the crisis at the southern border. He also said that none of these disasters could have been prevented by his leadership.

“As an American, I am angry and saddened,” he said.

“They are destroying our country.”