If You Want To Help Ukrainians, Welcome Them to the U.S.

Tensions can be Rapidly increasingAt the Ukrainian border with Russian President Vladimir Putin AnnouncementToday, he announced that he was sending troops to eastern Ukraine. Rapidly, the international community reacted. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline was built by Germany HoldIt also cut off Russian gas supplies. Officials in the Biden administration call Putin’s decision “an insult.”Invasion“And are you considering?” ImprobableRussia is subject to severe sanctions

Beyond the short-term chaos, however, are big questions about humanitarian fallout—especially the potential for a Refugee crisis. U.S. officials Get an estimateAfter a Russian invasion, between one and five million Ukrainians may flee their homeland. Ukrainians enjoyTravel to the European Union is visa-free, which makes it a popular destination for people fleeing Ukraine. Poland AcceptedMany Ukrainians fled to Ukraine after Russia invaded Crimea, in 2014. Polish officials claim they’re willing to do it again if needed.

Even though the U.S. may be further from Ukraine than the country is geographically, there are many immigration-based options that can help to save the Ukrainian people now and for the future.

U.S. must ensure safety for Ukrainians currently on American soil. The Niskanen Centre has ProposedAccording to the Biden administration, Ukrainians are eligible for TPS and SSR. TPS can be described as a Department of Homeland Security, (DHS). NominationIf they can’t return to their country safely, this prevents them from being deported. DHS ReservesTPS can be used for countries experiencing temporarily destabilizing conditions, including “ongoing war,” “an environment disaster,” and “an epidemic.” SSR is also designed to protect F-1 visa holders who have been in the U.S. for more than a year.Emergent situations.”

These immediate solutions do not require the U.S. to drastically increase its immigration infrastructure or take in migrants. The U.S. should also be able to reverse its historic trend of increasing immigration and provide protection for more fleeing Ukrainians. Andrew N. Klokiw is an attorney. Texas Law Review The Ukrainians are “uniquely distinguished as the sole non-Western European ethnicity to have immigrated to the United States in continuous and significant numbers since the 1870s.” Klokiw points out that the majority of European visa applicants came from Ukraine between 2009-2018. It is not a new practice to welcome Ukrainians into the United States. There are also strong Ukrainian communities in American neighborhoods. However, the Biden administration will not be compelled to accept Ukrainian refugees if these connections are strong. remains to be seen.)

There are more than 1 million Ukrainians CallThe U.S. should be at home. The U.S. needs to ensure that the country is ready to welcome Ukrainians to their family members as Ukraine’s situation worsens. Family-based Visas. The State Department became effective November 20,21. reportedAbout 4 million were trapped abroad due to the backlog in family-based migration. American granted 140,000 family-based green card Don’t waste your timeIn fiscal year 2021 it was 62 percent of total caps. Backlogs hobbling visa delegationThey are a threat to vulnerable people across all aspects of the immigration system. People living in Ukraine with relatives abroad will see a significant increase in processing time.

Americans don’t have this problem in large part Conflict is what you craveRussia. Uncertain what a skirmish between Russia, the U.S., and China would look like. The Biden administration should focus on approaches firmly in its control—namely, protecting U.S.-based Ukrainians from removal to their war-torn home country and preparing for a potential refugee crisis.