WaPo Removes Claim That Justice Thomas’s “Rulings Often Resemble the Thinking of White Conservatives.”

Two Washington Post journalists wrote yesterday that Justice Thomas is “Black justice” whose rulings sometimes resemble White conservatives’ thinking. This barb was not published in the opinion section. It was found in the news section.

The Post today noted that there was a retraction. Oder is this a clarification? It is difficult to understand journalism now that #MaskGate has ended.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Justice Clarence Thomas’ opinions often reflected the thinking of White conservatives rather than broadly. It has now been deleted.

This passage is now:

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.Clyburn was a friend and an ally for 30+ years.

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He said, “Nobody I know believes opposing Clyburn’s nomination would make sense.” If you are certain that someone has been thoroughly vetted and approved by Jim Clyburn you will know they won’t be going to court and become a Clarence Thomas. Referring to Black conservative Justice.

While I can appreciate this “clarification”, the story remains problematic. It is relevant that Thomas is Black is mentioned in this story. Thompson called Thomas an Oreo. This statement was accurately reported in the initial story. The Post only hints at the implied. Progressive culture is so deeply rooted in this kind of casual racism towards conservatives. These barbs are simply accepted by editors and reporters at WaPo.

The original has been preserved for posterity: