Canadian Banks Prepared To Make Un-Persons of Protesters, at Government Demand

Canada does its best not to allow donations of crypto currency to be used against protesters who oppose the nation’s vaccination mandates on truckers. There are reasonsThe Canadian Bankers Association, Liz Wolfe reports that it has made clear its intent to ensure all those involved in the protests are effectively locked out from traditional financial services.

As Global NewsCanada Reports:

In a Wednesday statement, the Canadian Bankers Association stated that banks, like other providers of financial services, will need to “diligently” implement all required measures.

According to the association, “Banks in Canada comply with all applicable laws and regulations while carrying out their operations in Canada in accordance with their commitments to preserve the integrity of Canada’s financial system.”

Canada is seeking to enforce “required” measures on dissidents who have not been convicted. These details are a complete darkness many thought impossible in the free, democratic West. These are the Chinese social credit mentality. They combine old authoritarian ideology with technological power to ensure that everyone, whether a free citizen or convicted felon, has the ability to survive. Ottawa even declared its intent to steal protesters’ dogs,This is a level of evil that’s almost cartoonish.

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The CBC has this to say:

The government’s new directive, called the “emergency economic measures order,” goes beyond asking banks to simply stop transferring funds to protest organizers. Banks should stop transacting with certain people, the government has demanded.

The order says that banks and other financial entities (like credit unions, co-ops, loan companies, trusts and cryptocurrency platforms) must stop “providing any financial or related services” to people associated with the protests — a move that will result in frozen accounts, stranded money and cancelled credit cards…

These financial institutions can’t handle cash, issue a loan, extend a mortgage or more generally facilitate “any transaction” of a “designated person” while the Emergencies Act is in place.

More sinister still, the act of civic disorder does not have to actually be committed to be punished. “The regulations describe a designated person who can be disconnected from financial services as anyone who is participating in any ‘public assembly that could reasonably be expected to cause a breach or disturbance of peace’, or engaging in serious interference with trade or critical infrastructure.”

If Canada does not decide to live up to its status as an absolute totalitarian dictatorship by putting people behind bars without any adjudication or charge, then the court will determine what “indirect support” might look like. Given the recent targeting of both crypto and traditional donations, it is not surprising that the government will consider anyone who contributes to protesters an “indirect participant”.

This type of financial exile has the purpose to end dissidents from being able to express their disgust at vaccines that have been mandated on truckers. You can also film and tweet this bone-splitting act of sealing people out of financial system marks-of-beast fashion.

The Canadian Bankers Association has not confirmed that all the people it believes they have identified are financially ineligible. While anons on 4chan are openly trying to meme a Canadian bank run into existence—once the government has announced and banks have agreed that they will block your access to your money or services on executive order, why should people trust banks?—there are scattered reports that Canadians are having more problems with accessing banking services electronically than normal this week.

The obedient collaboration of the banks sector with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government here is way beyond what is acceptable for Western governments. This government’s attempt to achieve a policy goal that is of minimal objective importance is pure authoritarianism. given the existing Canadian rate of vaccinationThis should destroy his actual and moral authority.