Judge James Ho Defends Ilya Shapiro and Color Blindness at GULC

James Ho, Judge of Georgetown Federalist Society Chapter on fair-weather originalism was to address the Georgetown Federalist Society Chapter Tuesday. In light of the recent events, Ho chose to speak on a different topic, Ilya Shapiro and cancel culture. National Review covered Ho’s comments. A Georgetown student shared their thoughts with me. Below are some highlights.

Ho first defends free speech not only on legal grounds but also on pragmatic grounds. It is the best way to know your position, and it’s important that you confront others who are not in agreement with you.

It is also antithetical both to American culture and the Constitution.  It is totally antithetical the legal system you each seek to join. . . .

If you disagree with Ilya Shapiro—if you think his understanding of the law is absurd—if you think his vision for our country is awful—here’s what I say:  Bring him onto campus—and beat him!

Ho also explains how people are often being accused of racial discrimination. Ilya who is a proponent of colorblindness, equality and human rights strongly opposed racial prejudice.

So make no mistake:  If there is any racial discrimination in statements like these, it’s not coming from the Presenter—it’s coming from the PolicyThe speaker criticizes. This is the irony of this entire discussion.  Ilya would most likely say this if asked. he’sThe one to stand up for racial justice and equality. opponentsThey are those who support racial discrimination.  You don’t have to agree with him—but it’s obvious that’s where he’s coming from.  I do not believe Ilya is trying punish anyone for expressing a different viewpoint on racial equity.

Ho is third to Shapiro. Ho should also be notified if Ilya is cancelled.

Ilya stated that he could have used other words.  It should suffice. . . . I am with Ilya in recognizing the vital importance of color-blindness.  This principle must be applied whether you’re looking to get into college or your first job. Racism is a scourge that America has not yet fully extinguished—and the first step in fighting racial discrimination is to stop practicing it. Ilya has only one message.  This is all that he’s ever attempted to say. So, Ilya Shapiro should be canceled if you feel she is worthy.

Ho’s comments are expected to be published. You should take the time to read them.