The Canadian Truck Protests Aren’t Just About Vaccines. They’re About Being Heard.

Matt Welch, Katherine Mangu-Ward, Peter Suderman, and Nick Gillespie talk about the ongoing protests in Ottawa, the Super Bowl, the next framework for political engagement, and more on this Monday’s Reason’s Roundtable.

This show will discuss:

2.15: Reopening Ambassador Bridge in the midst of ongoing trucker protests.

32:23: Weekly listener Question: Despite my vaccination status, I’m mandate-hesitant and don’t trust doctors. Fauci and Wallensky are my main sources of information. It would be great to have them.
To hear what the panel thought about the Johns Hopkins meta analysis report, which showed that lockdowns have had a.2% impact on mortality. They should therefore be avoided in order to fight this virus. I am frustrated that the report was almost forgotten by all left-leaning media outlets and oversimplified in many right-leaning news organizations. Do you think the study deserves more attention? Or did they overlook its flaws?

40:32: What is the current status of political engagement? And what are its prospects for the future?

45:46: Weekly media recommendations You can click here for the complete list. Roundtable“Media recommendations” (every time.

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