It’s Magic (Mask Hypocrisy Parody)

Remy, Mayor has difficulty following COVID-19 rules.

Remy wrote and performed the parody; video was produced by Meredith & Austin Bragg. Music tracks, background vocals and mastering were done by Ben Karlstrom


This is the man in charge
He is also the mayor in chief
With severe COVID warnings and strict regulations

You’ll be sent to jail
The bail would have to be made
When you’re indoors, don’t wear a mask.

But oh oh oh it’s Magic…
What do you know?
I need to show him my nose…

It’s Magic…
What do you know?
Set your phone to selfie mode

Sir, It’s been 2 years.
And the majority of our international peers
When it comes to learning, I have realized this.

These metrics all drop
As stock Peloton
The morning light is the best time to hide all of these children

Oh my God, it’s Magic…
What do you know?
Is your nose still there?

It is Magic
I know…
No rules apply to me.