Watch: CNN Host Isn’t Buying Biden Official’s Inflation Spin

You could see it in her face, CNN host Kate Bolduan wasn’t buying the White House’s spin about inflation for a second. Jared Bernstein White House Economic Advisor tried his best to offer a perspective on persistent and increasing inflation in America.

But when you’ve lost CNN, well…

The exchange took place during CNN’s program “At This Hour.”

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CNN’s Bolduan to WH’s Bernstein: ‘I’m talking about underlying trends’

Bolduan said to Bernstein, “President Biden on December 10 said that he thought inflation was at its peak. The quote was, ‘I think it’s the peak of the crisis.’ It was not. And I remember very clearly our conversations over the summer when you were talking about inflation being transitory.”

“It was not. Are you being clear-eyed enough about what’s going on here?” Bolduan asked.

Bernstein replied, “Absolutely. I mean, I think the thing to recognize is that our team, at the insistence of the president, is focused on not just the month-to-month ups and downs, but on the underlying trends.”

Bolduan couldn’t let it slide, loudly interrupting Bernstein to say, “Yeah, but I’m talking about underlying trends! The trends are not… OK go ahead.”

Bernstein continued, saying, “We’re going to get some months come in better, some months that come in worse. Probably when the president said that, Omicron wasn’t quite in the picture yet.”

“We are reacting to real data, just like we got here today,” Bernstein added. “This data tells us that we have to continue to press on every effort we can to unsnarl supply chains, to get goods through the ports, to get the trucks moving, to make sure that our competition agenda is helping consumers to realize price gains.”

Bernstein, realizing he had said “gains” corrected himself by adding “to realize price savings.”

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Biden Vows To fight ‘higher prices’

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation hit a 40-year high in January – surging to 7.5% compared to one year ago.

Commenting on the Bureau’s report, President Joe Biden recently said, “While today is a reminder that Americans’ budgets are being stretched, there are also signs that we will make it through this challenge of higher prices.”

“My Administration will continue to be all hands on deck to win this fight,” Biden added.