Tom Cotton Rips Democrats Now Ending Mask Mandates: ‘The Science Hasn’t Changed… There’s An Election Coming’

Republican Senator Tom Cotton lashed out at Democrats, who have made a complete turnaround on COVID restrictions that were in place just days ago.

Cotton addressed the Senate floor and praised his bill that would withdraw federal funds from schools that have a mandate to use masks.

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Cotton: These ‘absurd policies have had severe psychological effects on our kids’

“For the past two years, our nation’s kids have suffered,” Cotton railed from the Senate floor. “They’ve suffered socially, academically, and psychologically, at the hands of the Biden administration and their political bosses in the teachers’ unions.”

“Suicide and mental health problems have skyrocketed in the past two years. The drop in grades has been accompanied by a rise in depression. As is so often the case with children, the poorest have been the worst. But when parents dared to complain on behalf of their kids, they were condemned by teachers’ union bosses, by Democratic politicians as anti-science and extremists. They were investigated.”

The Republican charged then that Democrats who want to abolish mask mandates have more to do politically than with science.

“Thankfully, the tide has begun to turn,” he continued. “Sometimes I hear the phrase, the science changed. The science hasn’t changed. What’s changed is that there’s an election coming, and Democrats have seen the polling on this question.”

The New York Times agrees with this view. Yesterday’s Times article made clear that electoral considerations drive the decision-making process.

The growing number of voters showing that they can live with the virus now and the political calculus about the midterm elections, which are already putting Democrats on the defensive, are driving these decisions.


“Now they are running scared and they want to pretend that they didn’t force your kid to wear a mask for two years,” Cotton said. “You see it in states that are run entirely by Democrats — California, New Jersey, New York. The president’s own Delaware.”

Cotton noted that in some areas, children as young as two are “still being forced to a hot, restricted and ineffective mask for hours on end.”

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Senator Stacey Abrams was mentioned as a Georgia Democratic candidate for governor. She recently snapped a picture while wearing masks among children. 

“It’s past time for the mask mandates to end and for parents across this country to have a choice,” Cotton wound down. “That’s why I’m asking the Senate to pass my legislation today to require schools that receive federal funding to give parents a simple choice on whether their kids should wear a mask.”

Democrats ended up blocking Cotton’s bill.