Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘Every Decision Biden Has Made Has Weakened America’

On Wednesday, Republican Senator Ron Johnson ripped into President Joe Biden, saying that was “weakening America” with every move he made.

Johnson, who recently announced he is running for re-election in Wisconsin, tore the Biden record to shreds during an interview on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.”

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Sen. Johnson: ‘The person really with the white flag is President Biden’

Johnson faced a number of challenges in his first year as President of Biden. 

“The first day or two of office, what did he do?” Johnson asked. “He canceled the Keystone XL pipeline. He relaxed sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which was a clear signal to Putin that we’re going to be weak; we’re going to let you walk all over us.”

Johnson also turned the tables, using a left-wing talk point that was used to attack President Trump, and turning it against Biden.

“I continue to wonder to what extent that President Biden is compromised,” the senator wondered. “Just about every action he has taken as president has weakened America.”

“He opens the border,” the Republican began. “We have an unbelievable, out-of-control flow of illegal immigrants, out-of-control deficit spending, inflation set a 40-year high, the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan.”

“This is weakness. This is real weakness,” he insisted. “He is weakening America.”

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Johnson on Biden: ‘He’s weakening America’

The senator added, “Our enemies perceive that — they’re noticing it, and they’re becoming more aggressive. They’re taking advantage of the situation.”

Johnson gave then his assessment of foreign affairs today.

“Russia is surrounding Ukraine, “Johnson noted. “China is over-flying Taiwan. Iran has become more involved in Yemen. North Korea tests new weapons. This is across the board.”

Johnson added, “The bad actors around the world are perceiving our weakness when America is not strong. And I agree with President Reagan — you achieve peace through strength. But that strength starts with economic strength.”

“And President Biden is weakening our economy,” he said. “He’s weakening our military.”

“He’s weakening America,” Johnson finished.