Celebrate Your Right To Ignore (or Watch) the Olympics

It is decreasing viewership at the Olympics ((Slower) from 2018, to an audience for the 2022 opening ceremonies that was 43% smallerIt was more than the one who watched the 2018 winter games. However, millions of Americans will still be able to tune in and watch the 2018 winter games. That is fine. Unlike many countries around the world, U.S. Olympic Teams are funded by people who choose to spend their money. So everyone is free to either watch it or not, and they don’t have to pay any extra. It’s just the way it is.

“Unlike nearly every national Olympic Committee in the world, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s Olympic programs receive no federal government support,” the Olympic Committee’s Team USA Fund It also has notes available on its website. So the U.S. has to rely on private funds in order to finance America’s elite athletes so that they can pursue their goal of winning at the Olympics.

Maybe I’m imagining a slightly outraged tone in that begging note, but the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee should be happy that people continue to be willing to voluntarily hand over sufficient funds for the committee to purchase airfare and ski wax for athletes. These international contests are a boondoggle, which allows governments to waste huge sums on propaganda that could be purchased much cheaper with just a few ads. Find out why China hosted this year’s Games. There were some events that took place in the middle. an industrial parkIt is because all the slightly more reputable candidates balked at this dubious honor.

“Oslo has decided to stop bidding for 2022 Winter Olympics. This leaves Almaty and Kazakhstan as the last cities that are interested in hosting the event.” Slate reported2014 “Why? “Why?” One reason is the International Olympic Committee. This is an organization run by grifters, and hereditary Aristocrats. The IOC’s extravagant demands for luxurious treatment at the Games were especially amusing to the Norwegian people.

Isn’t it great that you have the power to support or against the Olympic Games financially?

In no small measure, the choice of China for this year’s Olympic location contributed to losing viewers for figure skating and luge. Curling was also a popular sport.

Morning Consult: “40% said that they didn’t want to watch the Games because of China.” Results from a pollPublished before the beginning of this year’s games. However, politics is not the only thing that matters! The majority of respondents stated that they will ignore the Olympics, either because they aren’t interested in them (65%) or because the athletes are boring (57%) and 48 percent said they were bored by the Olympics. There are many reasons why you should not tune in to big-air skiing at the concrete cooling towers.

Nick Gillespie pointed out in an article titled “An Overview of the World’s Most Popular People” 2016 pieceOn the decline of the Olympic games’ relevance, it is said that they are “explicitly Nationalistic in a World moving toward greater Individualism”. It’s been an odd aspect of the Olympic games that athletes are competing for countries, not their own, nor on behalf of other teams. Choose which colors you will wear). My youth, 1980 was the defining moment in the Olympics.Miracle on Ice“When the Soviet team was defeated by an underdog American team, they won the hockey gold medal. You can’t imagine modern Americans, who are often bitter and divided, coming together to celebrate a win in sports events as though they were all involved in it.

This is a good thing considering the corruption and silliness that go into these quadrennial (ish) competitions. The bid process for the 2002 Winter Olympics was a success in Salt Lake City. However, 15 charges of fraud conspiracy and racketeering were brought up during the bidding process. These charges were eventually dropped. Deseret News reported. A supposedly reforming and contrite International Olympic Committee was what offended Norwegians about ten years later by demanding that designated highway lanes be made, free alcohol and meeting with the king. It’s quite amazing that Oslo even considered hosting the Games.

According to the AP, “The price tag of $51 Billion associated with 2014 Winter Games, Sochi, Russia has scared everybody off.” Not notedThis year was it. Oslo had pulled out before Krakow (Poland), Stockholm and Lviv (Ukraine) were removed from consideration due to concern about the costs.

Aren’t these the best times to be able to support the Olympic Games financially?

The cost of supporting Olympic athletes is separate from bids to host the games. The dwindling number of candidates for hosting the games suggests that places with any kind of local control have lost an interest in paying the cost. Voters Munich St. Moritz, Switzerland,In referenda on this issue, explicitly rejected bids for 2022. Olympics will soon be nothing more than propaganda for autocratic regimes who don’t have the burden of public opinion.

China’s government fits this description perfectly. China is currently a Communist Party dictatorship. China hosted the 2008 Olympic games. 1.5 Million people were displacedin order to allow for these events. Under the shadow of concerns about 2022 Winter Olympics Grave violations of human rightsUyghur Muslims include Terrorism and concentration camps. Their situation isn’t quite so bad, but the athletes are. ReproveOf Abuseful treatmentThey are exempted from the competition by pandemic precautions. They are richly deserved by the shrinking audience who tunes in to see the Olympic Games if the future is dominated only by authoritarian regimes glossing over their mistakes.

Nevertheless, some may choose to support the Olympic team and watch them in the stadiums designed for their glory. As long as they make that decision and other people are free from disinterested or repulsive reactions, it’s okay. It’s fitting that Olympics, which were born in nationalism is now limiting itself to one of many options available to a small fanbase.

Remember the Team USA Fund’s warning that America relies heavily on its private sector to fund America’s top athletes. Celebrate the fact that you can choose to give, or not, whatever your preference may be.