Celebrate Your Right To Ignore (or Watch) the Olympics

It is decreasing viewership at the Olympics (Way down from 2018, to an audience for the 2022 opening ceremonies that was The difference is 43 percentThe number of people who watched the Winter Games in 2018 was higher than those who saw them. Millions of Americans still choose to view the games, and that is perfectly fine. Unlike many countries around the world, U.S. Olympic Teams are funded by people who choose to spend their money. So everyone is free to either watch it or not, and they don’t have to pay any extra. That’s how it should be.

“Unlike nearly every national Olympic Committee in the world, the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s Olympic programs receive no federal government support,” the Olympic Committee’s Team USA Fund It also has notes available on the site. So the U.S. is dependent on private funds to support America’s elite athletes while they are pursuing excellence in the Olympics.

Maybe I’m imagining a slightly outraged tone in that begging note, but the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee should be happy that people continue to be willing to voluntarily hand over sufficient funds for the committee to purchase airfare and ski wax for athletes. These international contests are a boondoggle, which allows governments to waste huge sums on propaganda that could be purchased much cheaper with just a few ads. You may be wondering why China hosted this year’s games. There were some events that took place in the middle. an industrial parkIt’s not because any slightly-respected contender refused to accept the honor.

“Oslo will not bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. That leaves Almaty, Kazakhstan, and Beijing as the remaining cities interested in hosting this event.” Slate reportedIn 2014. “Why? “Why?” The International Olympic Committee, a notoriously absurd organization that is run by grifters as well as hereditary aristocrats is another reason. Norwegians were amused/outraged by IOC’s demands for luxury treatment in the scenario Games.

Don’t be surprised that the Olympic Games are financially supported by you!

In no small measure, the choice of China for this year’s Olympic location contributed to decreasing viewership in figure skating and luge. Curling was also a popular sport.

Morning Consult found that 40% of respondents who didn’t intend to view the Games in China were opposed to them. A pollPublication before the games began. However, politics is not the only thing that matters! Respondents said that they wouldn’t watch the Olympics because they don’t care about the events (65%), 57% and 48% respectively. There are many reasons why you should not tune in to big-air skiing at the concrete cooling towers.

Nick Gillespie pointed out in an article titled “An Overview of the World’s Most Popular People” 2016 pieceThe declining importance of the Olympic Games is reflected in their “explicitly nationistic” nature, which they say is the result of a society moving towards greater individualism. This has always been a strange aspect to the Olympics, where athletes compete not only for their country, but also as representatives of other countries. Select the colors that you want to wear). From my childhood, the 1980 Olympics was the most important moment.Miracle on Ice“When the Soviets were defeated by Americans, the Americans won the hockey gold medal. You can’t imagine modern Americans, who are often bitter and divided, coming together to celebrate a win in sports events as though they were all involved in it.

This is a good thing considering the corruption and silliness that go into these quadrennial (ish) competitions. “The bidding process to host the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City resulted in 15 charges of fraud conspiracy and racketeering, though these were eventually dropped. Deseret News reported. The reformed, but supposedly infidel International Olympic Committee was the one that provoked Norwegians a decade later by demanding designated highway lanes and free alcohol, as well as meetings with King. To be honest, I find it astonishing that Oslo was even considering hosting the games.

According to the AP, “The price tag of $51 Billion associated with 2014 Winter Games, Sochi, Russia has scared everybody off.” Not notedThat was in the year 2000. Prior to Oslo’s withdrawal, Stockholm, Krakow, Poland, and Lviv (Ukraine) had all withdrawn due to concerns over the price.

Aren’t these the best times to be able to support the Olympic Games financially?

The cost of supporting Olympic athletes is separate from bids to host the games. As the shrinking ranks of potential hosts of the Games show, those areas that have had any say in the matter have little interest in the financial burden. Voters MunichAnd St. Moritz, Switzerland,Referenda regarding the matter explicitly excluded bids to host the 2022 Games. They are on the verge of becoming nothing but a propaganda campaign for dictatorial regimes, which don’t need to be concerned about public opinion.

China’s government fits this description perfectly. China is currently a Communist Party dictatorship. China hosted 2008 Olympic Games in China. 1.5 million people have been displacedTo make space for the events. Under the shadow of concerns about 2022 Winter Olympics Human rights violations graveUyghur Muslims include Terrorism and concentration camps. Their situation isn’t quite so bad, but the athletes are. ComplainOf Abuseful treatmentThey are exempted from the competition by pandemic precautions. The future Olympic games will be dominated by dictatorial regimes who take turns playing petty politics. They certainly deserve the small audience that still tunes in for the spectacle.

Nevertheless, some may choose to support the Olympic team and watch them in the stadiums designed for their glory. As long as they make that decision and other people are free from disinterested or repulsive reactions, it’s okay. The Olympics were founded in nationalism and it is appropriate that they are reducing to one of many options available to a narrow fanbase.

Keep in mind the Team USA Fund advice, “The U.S. depends on private resources for funding America’s elite athletes.” You can give or take away as much as you like, but it is your choice.