Brickbat: School Days

After being convicted for official misconduct (a felony) in which he punched a student at high school, Robert Lawson, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer, was sentenced to 363-day probation. Lawson was also convicted by the jury of perjury, false informing, and the verdict was overturned by the trial judge. Lawson and another officer were dispatched to Shortridge High School by the Indianapolis Public Schools Police Department in an attempt to stop a student fight. An aunt of one student arrived at the school and a school cop accompanied her nephew who was still in handcuffs to get to know her. Lawson threatened her with arrest after the aunt started shouting at Lawson. Lawson grabbed her and the nephew stood between them. Lawson punched Lawson on the neck and jaw of the boy, pulled his shoulders down and kneed the boy in the chest. According to officials, Lawson’s career in law enforcement would probably end with a conviction for felony. However, the judge indicated that he would accept a defense request for the conversion of the charge to misdemeanors if Lawson is successful in his probation.