Rand Paul Attacks Mask Mandates, Argues They Are About Submission

After another set of pro-mask mandate politicians broke their rules, Senator Rand Paul, who is a doctor, attacked the mandates, saying that they were a submission tool. 

Sen. Paul made his comments Friday during an interview on Fox News channel’s “Hannity.” 

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Sen. Paul: ‘I think the dirty little secret is that it’s always been more about submission’

Paul stated that COVID-19 can be applied in a one-size fits all manner, which could have unintended consequences.

Several prominent Democrats were photographed last week wearing masks in mandated areas. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom took maskless photos of celebrities with Eric Garcetti (LA Mayor), and London Breed, San Fransisco Mayor, at the NFC Championship match in LA. 

The most striking example of this is Georgia’s gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams. She promoted (before deleting it) a picture of her without a mask. This was surrounded by small children wearing masks. 

Paul isn’t impressed. “You know, I think the dirty little secret is that it’s always been more about submission,” he told host Sean Hannity.

“It’s always been more about collectivism,” Paul insisted. “It’s been about growing government power over your lives because the science has been clear for a long time.”

He continued, “I mean, it’s sort of — you know, I worry about the future of America if the Europeans are leading us towards freedom, or the Canadians are ahead of us in trying to unwind mandates.”

“But yeah, for goodness sakes, we’ve got to stop the ridiculous mandates on children that Dr. [Ezekiel] Emanuel that you put forward saying that kids are dying from omicron,” Paul continued.

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Sen. Paul: No Mandat

Axios reports that Denmark, Norway and Sweden have lifted COVID restrictions. “It is time to open Sweden again,” said Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson.

The CDC believes masks provide protection from COVID and suggests them to be worn in high-transmission areas or close proximity.