President Jimmy Carter Insisted Trump ‘Actually’ Lost The 2016 Election

Claims of election fraud by Jimmy Carter began making the rounds over the weekend, showing the former President’s belief in the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was an illegitimate President who actually lost the election in 2016.

Russians were behind this trickery, naturally.

Mia Farrow was an activist and actress who shared this quote. Michael Knowles, a conservative political commentator, later added his comments.

Farrow shared this article from Politico, 2019 by Carter. Carter was speaking to a panel of people in Leesburg Virginia and began commenting about the 2016 elections results.

“I think a full investigation would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016,” he said at the time. “He lost the election, and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf.”

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Jimmy Carter: 2016 Election was Rigged

Knowles tweeted several messages which focus on the utter hypocrisy of the mainstream media in trashing Trump as a fascist, a destroyer of democracy, while showing little to no interest in Carter’s comments.

“Refusing to accept the results (of) an election? This man is a threat to our sacred democracy—lock him up!” he tweeted.

Jimmy Carter is a far more dangerous insurrectionist than the horn-hat guy,” Knowles added, referencing Jacob Chansley, known as the ‘QAnon Shaman,’ who was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his role in the January 6 riot.

Carter doubled his participation in the same panel discussion for 2019,

“So do you believe President Trump is an illegitimate president?” discussion moderator Jon Meachman asked.

“Based on what I just said, which I can’t retract,” Carter quipped, drawing laughter from the crowd. “I would say yes.”

Fox News columnist Joe Concha posted his own tongue in cheek tweet.

“A chilling attack (without evidence) on Democracy by a former president, thereby placing said Democracy in peril,” he wrote.

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Hillary and Biden also cast doubt

This leaves three ex-Presidents and one current president who cast doubt on the legitimacy and fairness of previous elections. The only person banned from social networks and labeled a traitor to this nation is the President.

Hillary Clinton famously, when it was believed the 2016 election was in the bag, said any failure to accept the election results is “a direct threat to democracy.”

She would later insist President Trump lived “with this specter of illegitimacy” because “I was the candidate that they basically stole an election from.”

President Biden cast his own doubts, agreeing with a woman at a campaign rally who said Trump was an “illegitimate president in my mind.”

“I absolutely agree,” Biden replied.

Biden now actively doubts the legitimacy of 2022’s midterm elections.

Biden planted the seeds of conspiracy when asked by a reporter whether the President believed we’d have fair and free elections in 2022.

“Oh, yeah,” he replied. “I think it easily could be illegitimate.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki tried to clarify those remarks saying, “He absolutely is not predicting that the 2022 elections will be illegitimate.”

Trump is, naturally, the second President to cast doubt on an election. Many Democrats claim that his rhetoric inciting violence was.

Jimmy Carter had just over one month before he was questioned about the 2016 elections. He sang a completely different song when talking about 2020.

Carter, in an op-ed for the New York Times just before the anniversary of the January 6 riot at the Capitol wrote, “promoters of the lie that the election was stolen have taken over one political party and stoked distrust in our electoral systems.”

Apparently, he doesn’t recall his own words or the words of others in his party.