AOC Says Capitalism ‘Not A Redeemable System’

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY (a stunning example of self-unawareness), continues inadvertently to be the gift that keeps giving. 

On Thursday, during an interview with Yahoo Finance’s Andy Serwer, Ocasio-Cortez attacked capitalism as “not a redeemable system,” and “represents a pursuit of profit with disregard for any human, environment and social consequences run by an elite minority.”

She can be forgiven if this description sounds exactly like any socialist or government-centric system ever created.

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AOC explains How Capitalism Works

Ocasio Cortez explains to the unwashed, how capitalism works.

‘They can control our labor. They have the power to control large markets and capture governments. And to me that is not a redeemable system for us to be able to participate in for the prosperity and peace for the vast majority of people.’ 

She also stated that capitalism, in its essence, is flawed. This is because those involved in it are driven by profit. 

‘If it ultimately comes down to a billionaire or the Koch brothers or the Koch family having control over the vast majority or large plurality of our oil assets in the United States, if it’s a handful of very wealthy families having control over – you know, private families having control over means of production, that is essentially the capitalist system that we live in. It is a small group that is of privatized control over what we eat and how we fuel our society.’

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But Even A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

Serwer and Ocasio Cortez spoke about the subject of Congress members buying, trading, or selling stock. Last month, Sens. Senators Mark Kelly (D-AZ), and Jon Ossoff(D-GA) proposed a bill that would prohibit members of Congress, and their immediate families from trading or owning stocks.

In what just may have been a veiled swipe at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez told Serwer that, “It’s not really a mystery to me why it’s difficult to pass.”

Yahoo reports that in 2020, at least 75 members of Congress that held individual stock in Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer.

The question becomes, of course, how “private” a company really is if they receive billions and billions from the government, in a market that is controlled by the government.

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Okay for me, but not for you

Republicans may not agree with AOC about things such as congressional stock trading. However, she is living a good life since her 2018 election to Congress.

From her time as a Manhattan bartender, she has made a lot of progress to become a New York Congresswoman. It is an increase from her salary as a bartender, which was $174,000.

In May of 2019, the Washington Free Beacon reported that AOC’s Tesla Model 3 was illegally parked at a Whole Foods Market. Doing a bit of sleuthing, the Free Beacon concluded that it’s likely a Model 3 Long Range, which goes for $46,000-$59,000.

It’s not too bad.

After being elected to Congress, and worrying about housing costs, newly elected Ocasio-Cortez, who campaigned on affordable housing, took up residence at what The Daily Mail describes as “a luxury Washington D.C. apartment building” in the exclusive Navy Yard neighborhood.

She may be the victim of capitalism, but she defends herself. Her paycheck is paid by taxpayers and she lives alone in a place that serves only the government. 

Also, the Politburo lived on hogs.