Guide to HIPAA for Dental Practices

As dental technology becomes more advanced and dental practices grow larger, it is important to consider starting a dental practice as a small business. Here are 5 things you need to start your dental practice:

1. Business Plan

You must have a business plan even before you start to run your dental practice. Your business plan should include sections for operations, management, human resources, equipment, marketing, and financing. It should also include sections for employees and where they fit into your dental practice’s plans as well as a financial statement that shows how much it costs to open and run a dental practice. 

2. Office Space

You must have an office space set up before you open your dental practice. Your customers will want to see where they are going and they also need somewhere to wait until they see the dentist.

3. Dental Equipment

Your dental practice will need to have dental equipment. Dentists are capable of performing dental procedures using only their hands, but having dental equipment for more difficult dental procedures can be very beneficial. The dental equipment you buy should reflect the number of dental patients you receive daily.

4. Marketing 

You must market your dental practice in order to attract new customers and keep current customers coming back. Your marketing plan should include things like building a website, social media marketing, blogging, printing business cards, advertisements, flyers, etc. You should also consider hiring an outside company to provide you with online search engine optimization and dental pay per click. These tools can help to boost the ranking of your dental practice website and attract dental patients who are searching online.

5. Dental Software

Dental software is a dental practice management system. Using dental software can help you keep track of dental appointments, dental insurance claims, dental patient records and dental billing.

Dental practice owners need to have dental equipment, dental office space, dental marketing tools, and a dental business plan. If you are considering opening a dental practice in Ohio, consider DMA Tech Solutions. They provide dental service providers with dental technology that will boost your dental clinic’s productivity. Contact them today at (440) 879-2417 for information on their products and how they can help your dental practice grow.