Tucker Carlson Speculates ‘Jeff Zucker Did Not Get Canned For His Sex Life’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson isn’t buying the official explanation that CNN’s president Jeff Zucker recently resigned because of his secret romantic relationship with a subordinate. 

The pugnacious Fox host has a different theory, which he explained Wednesday on his program “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” 

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Carlson on Zucker: ‘New management wanted him out of CNN for other reasons, including bad ratings’

Carlson’s theory is that Zucker’s supposed indiscretion, which multiple ‘reporters’ have said was well known throughout the news industry, was just window dressing.

Carlson said, “You probably heard CNN President, Jeff Zucker, got fired this morning. In a statement, Zucker said he has been dating a colleague, didn’t disclose it, and when his bosses found out, they made him leave.”

“That’s not true,”  Carlson said.

“Everyone in the TV business already knew about Zucker’s relationship with the head of CNN’s Marketing Department,” he continued. “Every executive in television has known about it for years, it was definitely not a secret. So Jeff Zucker did not get canned for his sex life.”

Carlson was specific on one reason.

“New management wanted him out of CNN for other reasons, including bad ratings, and maybe others that we’ll find out later.”

“So the relationship was just a pretext for what you saw,” Carlson insisted. “But as usual with CNN, you’ve got to wade through a lot of lies to get to what actually happened.”

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Tucker: ‘CNN is poison’

Zucker is being criticized for his run of CNN by Carlson.

“As for who replaces Jeff Zucker, we hope it’s someone better,” Carlson said. “CNN is poison, we want that channel to improve. With Zucker gone, it’s at least theoretically possible it could happen.”

“We didn’t like Jeff Zucker, we said that very clearly, for a long time,” the Fox News host made clear. “We attacked his programming decisions, we slammed his political agenda, we called him names, and we meant every word of it.”

But then Tucker’s argument took a turn. Check out his argument and let us know if you disagree.

Corporate America has a lot of disgraceful leaders, perhaps most, but there is a very small number of those who are fired. It’s not the weak ones, the guys who do what they’re told, issue the cringy statements and let the H.R. They tend to stay in their job until the end. They just want it all over and money.

This is more than any other time in history. America runs on people like this. It’s only the strong who are punished. Abrasive leaders are more common in strong leadership. They’re arrogant. Sometimes they’re what we now call abusive. They disregard convention and say ridiculous things both in private and public.

Jeff Zucker was a man who tried something different, despite everything we may have said or meant about him. He did things we didn’t like. We didn’t share his vision. Although we found his vision to be destructive and repugnant, Jeff Zucker still had a vision. Too few still do.

Carlson said that Jeff Zucker, unlike many others today, had a vision. The Fox News host just didn’t like what that vision turned out to be in CNN.