New Report Shows NSA Still Monitoring American Citizens Without A Warrant

— CNN (@CNN) February 1, 2022

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The NSA Breaks Its Own Rules

CNN reported, “The National Security Agency failed to follow both court-approved and internal procedures designed to prevent officials from using a controversial foreign surveillance law to inappropriately monitor Americans’ communications, the NSA inspector general found in a semi-annual report released on Monday.”

“Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act allows the US government to collect communications, such as emails and phone records, of foreigners on foreign soil without warrants,” the report continued.

“But while it broadly prohibits the intelligence community and law enforcement from targeting US persons, there is a loophole that allows the NSA and the CIA to query 702-gathered information for Americans’ records if ‘a query is reasonably likely to return foreign intelligence information,” CNN observed.

CNN made it clear to CNN that they are concerned about whether the NSA is violating their own rules.

“Still, those searches are governed by a set of internal rules and procedures designed to protect Americans’ privacy and civil liberties,” CNN noted. “It inspector general ‘revealed a number of concerns involving [U.S. person] identifiers used as query terms against FISA Section 702 data,’ according to the report.”

The Fourth AmendmentThe Bill of Rights, part of the U.S. Constitution, protects Americans from unlawful searches and seizures. 

Edward Snowden Said This About These Years

Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower, reminded everyone that the recent discovery was not new. “This has happened year after year since the program began,” Snowden said of the CNN story.

Is Illegal Surveillance of American Citizens Ending?

Progressive journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote on Twitter, “Every couple years there is a new report documenting how either NSA or FBI violate the law routinely in how they spy on Americans but, for some reason, those who claim to be so devoted to the rule of law don’t seem to mind.”

“These are rogue, dangerous, undemocratic agencies,” he added.

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9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruledThe 2020 Snowden mass surveillance program was declared illegal. 

Don’t expect the U.S. federal courts ruling what the U.S. federal government does illegal to change anything about how they do business in the near future.