Could Michelle Obama Be ‘Plan B’ For The Democrats In 2024?

All indications are that President Joe Biden’s rule has left the party in an irreparable mess. Democrat lawmakers now know exactly what they face in November.

With Biden’s failures stacking up, a weak and unpopular Vice President in Kamala Harris, and the haunting specter (for Democrats) of a possible triumphant return of Donald Trump, Democrats could turn to a gimmick, a maneuver that will turn Americans’ heads.

Myra Adams is a commentator who believes that she may have a hint as to what lies ahead: Michelle Obama, former First Lady. 

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This is the Latest Idea

2024 could be a sticky situation for Democrats – especially if they get blown out in this year’s midterms.

Biden’s approval ratings are in the basement, both overall and on the major issues.

Recent Harvard polls show that Trump has trounced Biden six times in hypothetical rematches.

Vice President in Kamala Harris isn’t any more popular than Joe. A Real Clear Politics Average of 37.7% favorable and 52.2% disfavorable gives her a score of 57.2%.

Michelle Obama might be insane to think about entering the race.

From a pop culture standpoint, The Hill reports that the recent YouGov poll of 2021’s most popular women, Michelle Obama topped the list. Kamala Harris was 11th, while Hillary Clinton was 12.

So while it’s entirely hypothetical, the question for Democrats is, “why not?”

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Hillary Beats Joe

Biden is so far and so quickly gone that Hillary seems to be looking good for some Democrats.

If Joe Biden were to face Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical matchup, Hillary would win Florida by 46%-43%. The same scenario shows Clinton winning to Trump and DeSantis.

Resurrecting Hillary Clinton seems to be a relatively recent idea. The idea of Hillary Clinton being resurrected is a relatively new one. A Wall Street Journal Op ed was written last month by Andrew Stein. Former Clinton pollster Doug Shoen explained how with negative numbers for Harris and Biden, Hillary could possibly step in to make up the difference.

Following that Op-ed, the Daily Mail reports that a senior advisor to former President Bill Clinton said there was, “a ‘good chance’ she would run if Biden lost Congress in the midterms.”

It all boils down to one: 2024 might be the wildest year for a presidential election, which really is something.