Academic Freedom Alliance Letter to Collin College

Collin College was criticized by the Academic Freedom Alliance for its treatment of Michael Phillips. Collin College is having a terrible run. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education recently named Collin College one of America’s worst colleges for free expression. FIRE settled with Collin College over its termination of Lora Burnett, a history professor who had criticised Mike Pence’s response to the pandemic. Collin College also moved against two Collin College professors involved in organizing unions and who criticised the college’s response to the pandemic. Collin College informed another professor in history who publicly criticised the college about his termination. FIRE represents Michael Phillips. I anticipate that we will hear more from FIRE regarding the matter in the days ahead.

The AFA letter

Phillips could lose his job if he is fired in retaliation to his speech that was constitutionally protected. This would be a violation of his First Amendment rights. In these circumstances, we ask the College for a reversal of its decision to renew Phillips’ employment contract.

The whole article is available here.