Rand Paul, Thomas Massie Dine at Restaurant Shut Down for Ignoring COVID-19 Mandates

Sen. Rand Paul (R–Ky.) After the City of Washington revoked their liquor licenses and shut them down, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) made an appearance at Big Board. Big Board is a bar located in Washington’s H Street neighbourhood. Paul, along with his team visited the restaurant Tuesday night shortly after D.C. Health. posted a closure noticeat its front door.

Paul stated, “I’m proud that the owner didn’t submit.”

Rep. Thomas Massie (R–Ky.) He was also present. Eric Flannery was thanked by both for his protest against the notion that government can force servers of restaurants to examine customers’ medical records.

Flannery said, “I’m just an old bar owner,” reciting names of his customers. Flannery said, “I have been here for ten year and love everyone who comes to my bar.”

Flannery said that although the Big Board adhered strictly to the COVID-19 guidelines from the start, mandates at this stage in the pandemic are an intrusion on Flannery’s restaurant’s welcoming ethos. Flannery was especially passionate about his employees being allowed to skip masks.

He said, “My servers don’t have to be less people.” He said, “They don’t need to be disguised. They do not carry any disease.”

He said that if the importance of checking vaccination cards is so critical, agents could be sent to assist.

He stated, “I don’t know the right people to do this.” “I only know that I’m doing right and that this is the place it should be.”

While the Big Board may not be the only D.C. organization to reject the city’s requirements for vaccination and masking, it is certainly the first. Flannery made clear his views on Twitter. He also reiterated them during a Fox News appearance. This incited the fury of the government. (Disclosure: The Big Board’s GoFundMe was a gift I gave.

D.C.’s Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration issued 50 warnings verbally to restaurants that failed to wear masks at all times. Of course, customers don’t need to wear masks when they eat or drink. These rules create a second group of service staff, whether they are intended or not. They must adhere to stricter guidelines than the rest, even though science doesn’t support the notion that any one group is more susceptible to illness.

Massie and Paul both told the story This is the Reason Muriel Bowser was the D.C. mayor and his enforcement of mandates were illegal.

Massie said, “Congress has given you the power to set these rules. You’ve proven yourself unsuitable.”

Paul replied that he wanted Bowser to be impeached when he was asked about his message.

Paul said, “We have both a House bill and a Senate bill to strip away authority to enforce these mandates.”

The Big Board served burgers, fries, and water—no booze, alas, in light of the liquor license suspension—to the lawmakers and their staffs.