Progressive Journalist Warns Of Dire Consequences If Left Can Cancel Joe Rogan

The be-all-end-all for liberals – once the absolute champions of free speech – has become the silencing or cancellation of anything or anyone they disagree with.

Glenn Greenwald is a progressive journalist. It is an important warning that everyone should take note of, liberal and conservative.

Greenwald is perhaps most famous for his writing on first amendment and anti-war views and writings – and of course the Edward Snowden revelations.

His latest warning comes as the left is pushing a concerted effort to cancel and deplatform Joe Rogan, and if successful, “no one is safe from their petty-tyrant tactics.”

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Greenwald explains Leftist Censorship

Glenn Greenwald is on a tear-tracking mission to expose the liberal obsession with censorship. It is the liberal’s new “North Star,” their new guiding light. Of course they’re very selective when it comes to their outrage.

“American liberals are obsessed with finding ways to silence and censor their adversaries. Every week, if not every day, they have new targets they want de-platformed, banned, silenced, and otherwise prevented from speaking or being heard.” 

He continues, saying that in the past, most liberals were focused on what they deemed “hate speech.” But that definition has broadened to be essentially whatever or whomever they disagree with.

However, there are exceptions. If it coming from one of the left’s “most favored” news outlets, such as CNN or the New York Times, the criteria tends to be more flexible. This is because those news sources have already been deemed “acceptable” by the left.

However, words can be used to mean different things. The words “disinformation” and “misinformation” have real meanings, but the left has hijacked them, and they are now merely liberal buzzwords for “information we don’t agree with.”

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Joe Rogan: The new target of the Left

Joe Rogan, a podcaster is currently the target of leftist anger. “The Joe Rogan Experience” can be heard on Spotify and boasts roughly 11 million listeners per episode. 

Rogan spoke with a cardiologist as well as a virusologist about their opinions on the U.S. response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rogan said that, although he is not opposed to vaccines, he believed that healthy young people didn’t have to be vaccinated.

This prompted aging rocker Neil Young – himself once a free speech supporter and enemy of the establishment – to issue an ultimatum to Spotify, either to pull their most highly rated show or he would pull his music library from the platform.

What is the reason? Young claimed that Rogan spread disinformation. 

Young’s move prompted Nils Lofgren and Joni Mitchell, both equally old rockers to pull their music catalogues from Spotify.

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Rogan Didn’t Cave to The Outrage Mob

CNBC reported Monday that Rogan apologized for his actions to Spotify.

Rogan stated that he was appreciative of Spotify’s support but, “could do more” to inform his listeners – essentially accepting the framework of those who were attacking him. He said that he does the scheduling of guests for his show and that, “I don’t always get it right.” Rogan also said he was OK with Spotify putting content advisories on content that talks about COVID.

But then came this: Rogan added that he would consider scheduling more “mainstream” experts to follow “controversial” ones, and that perhaps he needed to research topics more. The final thud of Rogan’s cave-in, he apologized to Young and Mitchell.

Glenn Greenwald, despite not understanding what Joe Rogan thinks, desperately attempts to clarify. Never Please accept my apologies to the Left. It just isn’t good enough. They’re like sharks, sense weakness and are ready to kill.

Greenwald said that it was more than fighting political foes for Democrats. Donald Trump is their leader, and they believe that they are fighting an ideology. Their embracing of authoritarian tactics like censorship, they feel, are totally justified – while demonizing everyone they disagree with as authoritarians.

Greenwald summarised what supporters of freedom speech stand against.

“If liberals succeed in pressuring Spotify to abandon their most valuable commodity, it will mean nobody is safe from their petty-tyrant tactics. But if they fail, it can embolden other platforms to similarly defy these bullying tactics, keeping our discourse a bit more free for just awhile longer.”