CNN’s Brian Stelter Claims Criticism Of Biden SCOTUS Pick Due To ‘White Identity Politics’

On Sunday, CNN host Brian Stelter claimed that the reason Fox News personalities were criticizing President Joe Biden’s intention to consider only black woman as a Supreme Court nominee was because of “white identity politics.”

Stelter made his remarks on CNN’s program “Reliable Sources.”

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Stelter: ‘They are already starting a fight that’s rooted in white identity politics’

Stelter, after a lengthy monologue on the divisions in the country went about choosing his side. 

Stelter claimed that Fox News and other conservative media were spoiling for a “fight” over whoever Biden might nominate.

Stelter began by noting Biden’s efforts to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer might not face the kind of opposition former President Donald Trump faced with his nominees.

This was the target of his favorite CNN host: Fox’s ratings leaders. 

“Let’s be honest, Fox wants a fight,” Stelter said. “Rightwing radio and TV wants a fight,” Stelter said. “They need a fight over the Supreme Court. They are already starting a fight that’s rooted in white identity politics.”

“All of Fox’s prime time shows are outraged that Biden has committed to nominating a justice who is black and female,” he added, revealing his bias. 

Stelter played clips of Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham criticizing Biden’s focus on race and gender in his pick. 

The CNN anchor said these conservative pundits words were intentionally fueling a state of “permanent political warfare.”

Miller: ‘The only person who made this about identity politics is Joe Biden’

Conservative commentator Stephen Miller blasted Stelter, pointing out, “Joe Biden has not made this pick yet. Joe Biden (among other people!) has eliminated consideration of any judge of Asian- or Hispanic heritage. The only person who made this about identity politics is Joe Biden.”

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National Review Editor Rich Lowry added, “The country has gotten to a truly bizarre place when it’s ‘white identity politics’ to maintain that Supreme Court picks should be made on the merits.”

Biden said that President Obama will choose his SCOTUS nominee by February’s end.