Brickbats: February 2022


A picture posted by police in Bedfordshire, England, showing a flintlock firearm they took during a raid for drugs was mocked online. It had neither a trigger nor a hammer, as was evident in the photo.

Paula Knight and David Knight were stunned to receive a ticket for operating in the bus lane of Bath in England. This was approximately 125 miles from their Dorking home. A photo taken by a traffic camera was included in the ticket as proof. The ticket instead showed a woman with a T shirt that said “Violation” on it. knitter written on it walking in the lane. Her shirt was somehow confused with Knights’ plate that reads “KN19TER”.

After being found guilty of placing drugs on suspected criminals in order to seize their property, Michael Wallace, a former Pulaski County constable, was sentenced to eleven years and eight month imprisonment. Kentucky constables can be elected officials without a salary. However, they may keep some money or goods that were seized in investigations.

Waterloo Region District school board in Ontario started reviewing every book in all schools’ libraries to find and remove those books it deemed “harmful to students and staff.” Graham Shantz is the coordinating superintendent of human resources equity services. He stated, “As we grow our consciousness about equity, oppression and antiracist work,”

Brevard County’s school board has launched an investigation into claims that Ocean Breeze Elementary School teachers forced his daughter to use a mask and tied it around her head. This was despite her exemption from the school’s mandatory mask requirement. Jeffrey Steele stated that his daughter, who has Down syndrome, breathes through her nose so mask wearing is dangerous. When he approached the school about the issue, he said they admitted that the mask had been tied to his daughter’s face for approximately six weeks.

David Wolfson, British Justice Minister, said that female prisoners who use the incorrect pronoun to refer to transgender women could be sent to extra jail time. Wolfson explained that although those who commit an innocent error won’t face punishment, guards may punish those who believe they are referring to a transgender woman as “he”, or “him”. However, any person who is believed to be referring to the woman in question by their pronouns could get extra prison time under regulations prohibiting abusive, threatening words and behavior.

Mike Parson, Missouri’s Republican Governor, called for an investigation and possibly prosecution of a reporter that discovered a security flaw in the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website. This vulnerability exposed state teachers’ Social Security numbers. This is the St. Louis Post-Dispatch alerted the state and allowed the problem to be fixed before publishing a story about the issue. Parson argued that the reporter was guilty of a crime, and should be sentenced.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Madityanath in India has warned that people who celebrated Pakistan’s win against India in a cricket match may face sedition charges. Five people were arrested by the police in India in October as they celebrated the victory. India’s colonial-era Sedition Law prohibits words spoken and written that incite hatred or contempt or encourage disaffection toward the government. first published the post Brickbats: February 20, 2022