Washington Post Author Calls Canada’s Freedom Trucker Convoy ‘Trumpist’ And ‘Authoritiarian’

The sight makes it easy for anyone to recall the C.W. lyrics. McCall song from the 70’s, “Convoy,” glorifying truckers and CB radios and the open road.

A line of trucks stretching for miles across the snowy landscape of Canada, with the drivers borrowing a concept from their American cousins, “the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Canadian truckers have filed grievances against the government for a mandate to inject vaccines, which is required for trans-border haulers.

The left is now the enemies of blue-collar workers, despite being once champions for the working class.

Look no further than The Washington Post, who ran an op-ed calling the Freedom Convoy “toxic,” and equating it to “Trumpist” and “authoritarianist” politics.

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Framing the Protest

The main issue behind the protest is COVID vaccine mandates for Canada’s 120,000 cross-border truck drivers. In the United States, foreign truck drivers are required to show evidence of immunization when they enter the country.

Washington Post columnist David Moscrop worked hard as a media member to create a Canadian-style version of the January 6 protest. 

Moscrop made sure to throw around words like “Trumpist” and “authoritarian.” After all, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about it. And what is more authoritarian than… opposing arbitrary dictates from a far-off central authority?

Moscrop can be a part of broader society. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he with the affinity for blackface, had declared that the truckers were a fringe minority, with “unacceptable” views. 

And if you think the rank and file left were on the side of the truckers who have kept us fed and supplied through the pandemic, look no further than the “Flu Trux Klan” posts all over social media.

Is there anything a mandated vaccination for truckers has to do with the KKK Let’s move on.

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Protests can be tolerated, provided we are open to them

What Moscrop essentially says, and there’s no doubt his counterparts in the American press agree, is that while open societies do and should spark protest, they should basically just be protests the government agrees with.

If the people begin to protest the actions of the government, those protests are just the actions of right-wing “radicalized” folks intent on committing hate crimes and other forms of violence against those who don’t look like them. Also, Trump supporters or those who may align with Trump supporters.

Canada’s response, Moscrop states, sounds like you’d expect. He says the Canadian government should recognize “the bare necessity of speaking to their existence and outlining a program for pushing back,” but “refuse to platform or humanize” them. 

Take a second to think about this. These people, blue collar truckers, should not be “humanized.” 

What is the reverse of being humanized? 

Trudeau sailed away from town, rather than meeting truckers or listening to their grievances.

Trudeau tested positive for COVID Monday.

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Truckers Support Gains Steam

While media elites like David Moscrop and political elites like Justin Trudeau continue to insist that the movement sparked by the Canadian truckers is a “fringe group,” it has gotten high profile supporters, too.

Elon Musk, a Tesla CEO and Entrepreneur, has used Twitter to support the truckers several times.

Musk took photographs of the convoy while it was traveling across Canada.

Various terms of support for the truckers have trended over social media – things like #FreedomConvoy2022 – with the latest being #TrudeauIsACoward.

Of course, there are many other memes you could find:

Moscrop ends his discussion by stating that freedom is not really about freedom. Canada faces far greater problems than the mandates to vaccine. 

Liberty in the progressive utopia of Canada is threatened by “income and wealth inequality; worker exploitation; gendered, religious, racialized and other forms of hate violence; ongoing settler colonialism; and other forms of structural marginalization and oppression that compromise liberty.”

Funny how “inclusive” never seems to mean people who have a different view than leftists like David Moscrop and Justin Trudeau.