Federal Data: GOP-Run States See Most Jobs Recovered Since Pandemic Began

Bethany Blankley (The Center Square).

According to an analysis by The Washington Post, Republican governors are responsible for 16 of the 20 top states that report the highest number of jobs restored since March 2020 COVID lockdowns. federal data.

The nine states reporting the greatest percentage gains in recovered jobs are all led by Republican governors, according to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. In terms of percentage increases, Utah’s 142% was the highest, adding 200,000 jobs as of December 2021, surpassing the 140,000 coronavirus-related jobs it lost.

There are also Idaho, Texas and Arizona as well, along with Georgia, Arkansas and Tennessee. North Carolina is topped by a Democratic governor.

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“While Biden tries to smother the economic recovery he inherited, red states continue to see more jobs and lower unemployment,” The Republican National Committee said in a statement accompanying a report highlighting recent U.S. Department of Labor employment data. The data “confirms that Republican governors and legislatures are leading the way in getting Americans back to work,” it said.

By sheer numbers, Texas reported the most jobs recovered – 1,542,000 by December 2021 – compared to the 1,452,600 jobs lost after March 2020.

Texas Greg Abbott credits Texas’ job growth to pro-growth economic policies, a predictable regulatory environment, and a young, growing, and diverse workforce.

“The Texas economy is booming,” he’s said. “Businesses are investing in the Lone Star State at a record pace because we’ve built a framework that allows free enterprise to flourish and hardworking Texans to prosper.”

Florida has 1,168.400 industry-related job losses, as compared to the 1,269.200 jobs related to coronavirus during the first part of the pandemic.

Of the state’s job growth continuing to outperform the nation’s, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said, “Month after month, the data continues to show that freedom first economic policies create jobs and keep our economy moving. Floridians are able to prosper because of the new businesses we have created and our workforce growth. We will continue to lead the nation in economic growth because we value the individual freedoms of Floridians and protect the ability for our citizens to succeed.”

In December 2021, four Republican-led states had more job openings than before the coronavirus struck, including Texas, Arizona and Utah.

BLS data shows that 24 Republican-led countries reported having recovered at most two-thirds their jobs as of December 2021.

Here are the top ten most affordable states Rates of unemployment are all led by Republican governors, according to BLS: Nebraska, Utah, Oklahoma, Idaho, Montana, Vermont, Georgia, New Hampshire, South Dakota and Indiana.

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The lowest December 2021 unemployment rate was 1.7% in Nebraska, followed closely by Utah at 1.9%.

BLS data show that twelve states had new low unemployment rates since 1976. The states include Arkansas (3.1%), Georgia (2.6%), Idaho (2.4%), Indiana (3.9%), Kentucky (3.9%), Mississippi (4.5%), Montana (2.5%), Nebraska (1.7%), Oklahoma (2.3%), Utah (2.9%), West Virginia (3.7%), and Wisconsin (2.8%).

California and Nevada had 6.5% and 6.4% respectively, and were both lead by Democratic governors.

The average unemployment rate in Democrat-led countries was 4.9%. This is higher than both the 3.9% national average and the 3.4% average for 27 Republican-led States.

Alaska and Texas stand out as the most extreme states, with 5.7% unemployment and 5% respectively.

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