Once a Bitcoin Miner

Every year that passes, Bitcoin becomes a more prominent player in the 21st-century technological, economic and governmental history. A book that records the personal experiences of people who have lived through crypto’s initial decade can be an invaluable building block to understanding this history.

Ethan Lou, Canadian author Once you have become a Bitcoin MinerHe was both a journalist who covered the cryptocurrency world early on and he also became a bitcoin miner. For those just learning about bitcoin, his detailed reports of personal, emotional and even culinary experiences at meetups and conferences in bitcoin are likely to be annoying. Lou’s interactions with various criminals of all sizes, however, teach a valuable lesson.

Crypto is a place where anyone without the proper credentials could become incredibly rich. Lou wrote about traders who built their businesses and traded in cryptocurrency’s early days. But they ended up getting into legal and financial problems later. In the meantime, quiet and patient crypto accumulators have seen their wealth grow at an unprecedented rate in history. Ironically, in those early years many who believed in bitcoin in and of itself—as opposed to being obsessed with thinking up new ways to get rich off it—were the ones who more reliably got rich.