House GOP Demands Release Of Biden-Ukraine Transcript Following Reports Call ‘Did Not Go Well’

The House Republicans want transcripts of President Biden’s call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zilensky over a potential Russian invasion to be made public after disputable reports about the contents of that conversation.

CNN initially reported that a senior Ukrainian official described the talk between Biden and Zelensky as “long and frank” but that it “did not go well.”

Late Thursday tweet by Alexander Marquardt (CNS reporter), alarming statements made by the Ukrainian official

“According to Zelensky (a top Ukrainian official), a Russian invasion seems almost certain after the ground freezes. [CNN reporter Matthew Chance],” he wrote.

“Kyiv could be ‘sacked,’ Russian forces may attempt to occupy it, ‘prepare for impact’, Biden said, according to this official.”

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Transcript for the Biden Transcript

According to Newsweek, the White House and Ukraine immediately refuted the description of the telephone call.

National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne described the CNN report based on a Ukrainian official’s comments as “completely false.”

Horne would later tell CNN that “anonymous sources are ‘leaking’ falsehoods.”

A spokesman for Zelensky also posted to Facebook that the accounts were “completely false.”

A readout of the call on the White House website makes no mention of any dire warnings to Ukraine, instead indicating that Biden “reaffirmed” to Zelensky that the United States would “respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine.”

House Republicans demanded that the White House release the full transcript to clarify the situation.

The official Twitter account of the Republican conference wrote, “Now it’s your turn @JoeBiden. #ReleaseTheTranscript.”

They added a video of Biden in 2019 calling on then-President Trump to “release the transcript of the call” between him and Zelensky, a call that led to the former president’s first impeachment in 2019.

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Experts Warn About Nuclear War

The hashtag ‘#ReleaseTheTranscript’ began trending and was the number oneTwitter’s top topic for Friday morning

Releasing the transcript of Biden’s call with Zelensky seems like a logical step. All parties need to be safe from reckless, possibly false remarks by President Trump that escalate tensions with Russia’s nuclear-armed Russia.

This controversy is occurring as experts warn that there could be a nuclear conflict if Russia and the U.S. get into a dispute.

“As Russian troops bear down on Ukraine and the United States prepares its own military buildup in Eastern Europe, concerns are growing across the ideological spectrum that the standoff could inadvertently escalate into the unthinkable: nuclear war,” Politico reports.

The column cites “current and former officials and experts on both sides of the Atlantic” who worry about ‘miscalculations’ and ‘stumbling into nuclear confrontation.’

What is at stake that would justify even a remote possibility of nuclear warfare? 

Shortly after Biden was sworn into office, dozens of House Democrats quietly called on President Biden to relinquish sole control over the country’s nuclear arsenal and the ability to launch a strike using those weapons.

The movement was stopped.

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, assured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that in the waning days of the Trump presidency, a President couldn’t launch a nuclear attack alone.

The State Department in November said “all options are on the table and there’s a toolkit that includes a whole range of options” in how to respond to Russia’s troop buildup near Ukraine’s border.